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Fire Starter: Two Five
Michael Francis, 22, looks and sounds similar to his cousin 50 Cent. Now the Queens rapper known as Two Five — credit Tony Yayo for coming up with that stage name — is trying to establish his own identity with his first mixtape, Who Is Two Five? Don't expect the Two to be rapping alongside his megastar kin anytime soon — they're not on speaking terms.

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— Shaheem Reid, with additional reporting by Rahman Dukes and Corey Moss

Artist: 50 Cent

Representing: G-Unit

CD: G-Unit Radio Part 21: Hate It or Love It

  "They got me dressed like a stripper on their new mixtape, I look kinda cute..." — Game
411: The beef with 50 Cent and the Game has officially turned from slick rhymes to straight-up parody. After the Game displayed pictures of G-Unit dressed like the Village People several months ago, 50 has lashed out at the Game, posting a digitally enhanced picture of his Compton nemesis wearing nothing but a thong and a scowl. 50's sticking by his allegations that the Game used to be a stripper named Doja. The mixtape also has the audio from the Game's appearance on the syndicated dating show "Change of Heart" several years ago.

Game responded to 50's mixtape cover on Saturday during his performance at the Envy Expo — presented by his DJ, Skee, — in Los Angeles. "They got me dressed like a stripper on their new mixtape," he said. "I look kinda cute... But the mutha----in' Game don't do no strippin'." (Click here for more photos of Game performing and DJ Skee's Envy Expo)

Joints To Check For:

  • "Nightmares" with Mobb Deep. This Dr. Dre-produced track was originally slated to appear on the Mobb's recent Blood Money, and it's still befuddling how it didn't make the cut. 50, Hav and Prodigy rap about obsessing over past homicides in their dreams. "I have nightmares," 50 raps.
    "N---as I cut, or we stuck, and they moved/ So we bucked/ Come back in my dreams at night."

  • "Don't Say My Name." 50 doesn't rap here, but he does give some details about a real-life shooting that happened not too long ago at a Queens party. Lloyd Banks was even wanted for questioning in the incident.

  • "In My Hood" by Young Buck. No Fif here — he gives a slot for Buck to spout off about his environment. There's some Lisa Stansfield-inspired singing on the track as well.

Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week

  • Big Mike's Cruel Summer 2K6
  • DJ Coolbreeze and DJ Sosa's Doin' Numbers
  • DJ Finesse's Shhh R&B
  • DJ Smallz's Southern Smoke #27
  • Dub Floyd's Screamixx
  • Jae Millz and DJ E. Nyce's Last of the Best
  • Jim Jones' M.O.B.: Members of Byrdgang
  • 3 WiseMen's Riot Season

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'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar
  • Fatman Scoop featuring Elephant Man and Jabba - "U Sexy"
  • J-Hood - "Never Be"
  • Outkast - "Morris Brown"
  • Pharoahe Monch - "Let's Go"
  • Styles P - "D-Block Family"
  • Xzibit featuring B-Real - "Rollin' "
  • Young Jeezy - "I Do This"

Celebrity Faves

  Vidal and Beanie Sigel
Beanie Sigel said it just dawned on him that he needed to work with fellow Philly natives, producers Dre & Vidal. And the recording experience with the duo on his upcoming Return of the Bad Guy LP couldn't be better. "They play real instruments, and I think that's a big part of what was missing from hip-hop right now," Sig said. "Yeah, it's actually more exciting, it's better, because I can think of albums or melodies or ideas from songs that I might have heard back in the day, and I'm like, 'You remember that song? I can't remember the name.' And they were like, 'You remember how it go?' I might tell them the words, but I can't remember the music, and they go right in and start playing."

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

You can call off Columbo and Magnum, PI: Ludacris has confessed to Mixtape Monday exactly who he is talking about on "War With God," in which he vents about being dissed subliminally. "It's about me," he laughed Friday night. "That's what the record is about. The record is about me."

Getting a little more serious, Luda said that during his outburst, he gives real insight into Christopher Bridges.

"A lot of people are saying a lot of things about that record," Luda continued. "It's made a helluva impact. That record right there is so much more about me being honest about myself. And I feel it's me distinguishing myself from what a lot of the rest of the music industry is doing. I'm tired of being compared. Don't compare me to anyone; this is me. I'm confessing things about myself — this is what I do — as opposed to trying to hurt someone's feelings. I've heard a lot of subliminal things said from not only rappers but even journalists in magazines [about me]. That record is me taking soft jabs right back at them."

For the past couple of weeks, people have been talking about exactly who Ludacris was addressing. Many names have come up in chat rooms and barbershops, with T.I. — who once sparred with Luda — the top suspect. The two agreed to end their quarreling a long time ago and even posed in the same picture for MTV's "A Great Day in Atlanta" earlier this year. But could an old rivalry be rehashed?

'Cris denies having Tip in mind when he penned the track and reiterated that it wasn't geared to one particular person.

"I haven't reached out to him, he hasn't reached out to me," Luda said about his communication with T.I. in the wake of "War With God." "As far as I'm concerned, [our beef] was squashed. When we see each other, it's cool. I just recently seen [T.I.] at the MTV Movie Awards. We spoke, everything's good."

So is Luda worried about anyone responding to him?

"You know that old saying, 'The guilty will speak'?" he said with a wink. "You never know."

Luda also added that the released version of "War With God" only has two verses and there is a third that no one has heard yet, but it will come out soon. Over the weekend, another song from Cris' upcoming Release Therapy leaked: "Tell It Like It Is," where he further gives thoughts on Chingy leaving Luda's Disturbing Tha Peace imprint, advice on how to survive in the music industry and mocks rappers who do not have their business correct. ...

  Game, Pusha-T, Rick Ross and Cool N Dre
Dre of Cool & Dre sequestered the Game, Fat Joe, DJ Khaled, Pusha T from the Clipse, Rick Ross and Dirtbag in the studio right after June's BET Awards and got all of them to rap on a remix of his new song. (Click here for more photos.)

"I'm a big fan of Pusha from the Clipse," Dre said. "I think he's one of the best rappers in the game right now. Then I'm down with the Game," he said, adding that he and Cool produced a Game track that features Nas. "Then I said, 'Rick Ross' — I produced his new single 'Blow' — 'let's do it again.' Then I called my big fat brother Joe. He's family, so it's only right I get him on there. And Dirtbag is my artist and has the biggest record in Miami right now called 'Hater.' "

During Dre's verse, he addressed the rumors surrounding him and his girlfriend, Christina Milian.

  Dre and Christina Milian
"The New York Post wants to print lies about Christina Milian getting dropped from a record company and I had something to do with it," he said. "I had to address it. In a few days, there's gonna be a press release that's gonna shock everyone. She's got some really good sh-- going on the music side and movie side. This guy from the Post — no one at Def Jam was commenting — knew Cool & Dre executive-produced the project and produced most of the album. Then he found out that Christina was dating me. He found his angle for the story. He printed some sh-- that said I had something to do with her getting dropped, which is a complete lie.

"My relationship with Jay-Z and L.A. Reid is great," he added. "When that sh-- came out, dudes lost it. They called me up like, 'Dre, we have nothing to do with it.' They didn't want it to mess up our relationship."

Dre drops his debut, The Trunk, in October. He's also working on new albums by the Game, Young Jeezy and Nina Sky, whose new single, "Flippin' That," he wrote and co-produced.

"That's me, that's my voice," he said about the song's chorus. "That's my voice, I screwed it. Then Rick Ross rapped on that record before he even signed to Def Jam." ...

  Consequence, Kanye West and DJ Khaled
DJ Khaled got way more than he expected from Kanye West. Khaled would have been satisfied with Ye just rapping on his Listennn: The Album, but last week, Kanye, Consequence and John Legend shot a video for their track off Khaled's LP, Grammy Family.

"We did it in L.A.," Khaled said. "We was out there just vibing. The video is a new experience for me because I'm used to doing just straight 'hood videos. The way we did the video is real creative. We got Kanye coming out with all his Grammys. He pulls out all his Grammys, and he also pulls out about 100 Louis Vuitton trunks. You know the trunks you put your clothes in? He was stuntin' hard. (Click here for more photos from the video shoot.)

  Kanye West
"We shot on Sunset [Boulevard]; we shot a scene by the Hollywood sign," Khaled added. "We shot a scene in Beverly Hills. Then Kanye had all of his artists — everyone was there except Common — come out. He would say a line, they would say some of his rhymes. He's co-signing his whole crew and me. But you'll look at Kanye as a don. He's dressed in all black. He was in Grammy mode. It's a big record. It's a huge look."

This week, Khaled is shooting a video for another record from his album, "Born and Raised," with Pitbull, Rick Ross and Trick Daddy.

"This song is going to solidify Miami to the outside world," he said.

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