Mark Duplass And Lindsay Lucas Bartlett

RELEASED 11/08/2016

Open your heart to Skillset, the podcast where every guest is an expert, and every week they teach you and me a new way to look at the movies. This week's episode is dedicated to two movies about all-consuming high school love. First up, let’s analyze the most wicked game in Winona Ryder and Christian Slater’s Heathers. It’s a cruel little sport called croquet, and like the Heathers, actress and comedian Lindsay Lucas Bartlett played it competitively in high school, no holds barred. It turns out croquet is the true test of a person’s morality where nice people risk finishing last. And then, writer-director-Hollywood renaissance man Mark Duplass comes into the studio to open up about the high school girlfriend he swore he was going to marry, back when he was a kid in New Orleans shooting movies with his older brother Jay. Mark was a huge romantic, the type who would have held a boombox over his head. In fact, he still might -- let's find out on this week’s episode of Skillset.