Happy Sad Confused

Colin Trevorrow / Sam Richardson

RELEASED 06/15/2017

Normally it would be easy to resent a guy like Colin Trevorrow, a filmmaker who somehow made the leap from a small Sundance debut (“Safety Not Guaranteed”) to being given the keys to a beloved franchise like “Jurassic Park.” But Colin is as aware of his luck and as humble as you could imagine, so unfortunately we’re just going to have to like him and appreciate his talents.

Colin joins Josh on “Happy Sad Confused” this week to geek out about “Wonder Woman,” his secret past as a child opera singer, and, of course, his new film, “The Book of Henry” (opening this week).

Oh, and then there’s “Star Wars.” As he prepares to direct “Episode IX,” Colin talks about his early obsession with the franchise, why he thinks he was destined to direct a “Star Wars” film, and just how he got this job of a lifetime.

Also joining Josh on the show this week is the extremely funny Sam Richardson, best known as the sweetly earnest Richard Splett on “Veep.” Sam talks about how his one-episode guest spot blossomed into a series regular role; how he got his own Comedy Central show, “Detroiters,” off the ground; and why he’s desperate to get into the next “Black Panther” movie.