'Saw II' Beats 'The Legend Of Zorro' In Battle Of Sequels

Horror movie outperformed swashbuckling flick by $14 million.

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'Prime' has us asking: When it comes to love and sex, do the years really matter?

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'Robots' Sucks 'The Pacifier' Out Of #1 Spot

Animated family movie rakes in $36.5 million its first weekend in theaters.

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'Dip It Low' singer has two new songs on the disc.

'Kill Bill Vol. 2' Slashes Its Way To The Top

Tarantino's martial-arts extravaganza easily wins the weekend.

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'Kill Bill' Slays Box-Office Competition

'School of Rock' comes in at #2, 'Intolerable Cruelty' earns #3 slot.

'Kill Bill' Assassin Vivica A. Fox Has Several New Films In Her Sights

Actress starring in 'Blast!,' 'Beauty Shop,' 'L.A. Enchanted.'

'Intolerable Cruelty,' 'House Of The Dead' Try To Top 'Kill Bill'

Family fare 'Good Boy!' also opens this weekend.

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Part one of Uma Thurman action drama will hit theaters on October 10.

Quentin Tarantino Makes Uma Thurman Dress Like Bruce Lee

Actress stars in 'Kill Bill,' Tarantino's first film since 1997's 'Jackie Brown.'