Justin Bieber, Michelle Rodriguez And Pretty Much Everyone Else Are In Ibiza Right Now

Everyone in Hollywood is hanging out in Ibiza, from Justin Bieber to Michelle Rodriguez and even Lindsay Lohan.

Foster The People 'Inspired' By Paris Hilton Tweet At Lollapalooza

Band 'surprised' by celebutante calling breakout hit 'sexy' on Twitter.

Paris Hilton Detained In Japan After U.S. Cocaine Plea

Heiress held in hotel room as officials review Monday's guilty plea.

Paris Hilton Charged With Felony Cocaine Possession

Socialite could get anywhere from probation to four years in prison.

Paris Hilton And Benji Madden Call It Quits: Report

A source tells Us Weekly that the Good Charlotte guitarist was 'overprotective and controlling' of Paris.

'Repo! The Genetic Opera': Schlocky Horror Show, By Kurt Loder

A movie in search of a cult. Good luck.

Paris Hilton Says She'd Be 'Too Scared' To Get Plastic Surgery Like Her 'Repo! The Genetic Opera' Character

'I hate needles, knives and blood, and I like the way I look,' she tells MTV News.

Perez Hilton Weeds Out The 'Reality-Television Losers' On 'Paris Hilton's My New BFF'

'I doubt any of them will really become Paris' BFF in real life,' guest star says.

Paris Hilton Is Back On The Campaign Trail, Seeking 'Fake President' Advice In New Video

In latest Funny or Die clip, 'West Wing' star Martin Sheen tells the heiress she's 'going to make a great fake president.'

DJ AM 'Looks Just Fine' Despite Plane-Crash Injuries, Friend Nicky Hilton Says

Paris Hilton says, 'I feel like God really did save him.'

Paris Hilton Says, 'Don't Pick On' The Jonas Brothers After VMA Chastity Flap

'That's something cool for a kid to keep,' Hilton says of the brothers' promise rings.

Paris Hilton Happy To Put On Medically Altered Face For 'Repo! The Genetic Opera'

'We're in love, so we can really write well together,' singer/actress says of writing new songs with boyfriend Benji Madden.

Megan Fox, Anne Hathaway, Lindsay Lohan Bring Fierce Fashion To MTV Movie Awards Gold Carpet

'Project Runway' winner Christian Siriano also approves of 'flawless' Pussycat Dolls.

'American Idol': Zac Efron, Paris Hilton, Quentin Tarantino, Nick Cannon And More Say Why They Love It!

'It's a Cinderella story, and people always love that,' Josh Hartnett says.

'The Hottie And The Nottie': Trial By Dire, By Kurt Loder

Paris Hilton in ... never mind.

Paris Hilton Wonders What A Primary Is -- And Whether She's The Modern-Day Marilyn Monroe

'Hottie and the Nottie' co-star explains U.S. electoral process to the heiress.

Mischa Barton's Quirky Hit, U2's 3-D Trip And More Sundance '08 Memories

'Choke,' 'The Wackness' take home awards at end of festival marred by news of Heath Ledger's death.

Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff Make Forbes' 20 Richest Under 25; Plus Britney Spears, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Usher & More, In For The Record

Britney Spears tops Yahoo's most-searched list; Jay-Z joins Kanye onstage in England; Usher's wife addresses the haters.

Paris Hilton Is Addicted To Drugs, Organs In Macabre Musical 'Repo! The Genetic Opera'

'I really wanted this part,' the heiress says of her barely recognizable turn in the 2008 flick, helmed by 'Saw' director Darren Lynn Bousman.

Mary J. Blige Deals With Growing Pains; Plus Kanye West, Amy Winehouse, Travis Barker, Paul Wall & More, In For The Record

West's mom likens him to Jesus; Winehouse gets in 'Trouble'; Barker promises Wall's LP will be 'feel-good.'

Paris Hilton's Friday Hearing Could Send Her Back To Jail: Report

Heiress was released from jail Thrusday morning and 'reassigned' to house arrest.

Paris Hilton Turns Herself In To Authorities

Heiress heads to jail a day and a half early, mere hours after attending MTV Movie Awards.

Paris Hilton Talks About Jail Before Turning Herself In: 'I'm Obviously A Little Scared'

Celeb opens up to SuChin Pak on MTV Movie Awards red carpet.

Paris Hilton Drops Appeal After Jail Time Is Cut For Good Behavior

The heiress, who abandoned the appeal Thursday, will serve 23 days in a California detention center's 'special needs housing unit.'