Shane Black's 'Predator' Reboot Is Actually A Sequel... But To What?

Shane Black's reboot of the "Predator" franchise is actually a sequel. But what is it a sequel to, exactly?

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'Predators' Star, Director Would Love To Do Sequel

'If 'Predators 2' was to come around, or 'Predators-es,' I'd jump at the opportunity,' director Nimrod Antal says.

'Predators': The Reviews Are In!

Critics weigh in on the latest, and possibly greatest, sequel to the 1987 sci-fi thriller.

Review: Predators Needs More Predators

'Predators': Buffet Dining, By Kurt Loder

Adrien Brody's on the menu.

'Predators' Filmmakers Wanted To Be 'Inspired' By Original

'We wanted ... to take that very classic creature and the dynamics,' screenwriter Robert Rodriguez says of turning to 1987 sci-fi hit.

'Predators' Star Adrien Brody Talks 3-D And Arnold Schwarzenegger

Actor thinks 3-D would be a 'pretty great idea' for the film but hasn't heard of any plans.

Adrien Brody Says 'Predators' Will Be 'Intense, Harrowing'

'We're picking up where the first one left off,' he tells MTV News of the 1987 original.

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