'Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance' Trailer Is Flamin' Awesome

First trailer from the film has been released following a preview at last month's San Diego Comic-Con.

Nicolas Cage 'Excited' To Get Started On 'Ghost Rider' Sequel

The 'Drive Angry 3D' star is looking forward to working with 'brilliant' directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor.

Nicolas Cage In Talks For 'Ghost Rider' Sequel

Studio wants directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor to helm Marvel superhero flick.

Nicolas Cage Wants Ghost Rider To Team Up With Spidey, Hit The Bottle In Sequel

'He's not eating jelly beans anymore; he's getting drunk,' actor says of flaming-skull superhero.

'300' Destroys Box-Office Rivals With Record-Setting Haul

Bloody action film earns $70 million; 'Wild Hogs' takes another $28 million for #2.

'Wild Hogs' Zooms Past 'Zodiac' In Box-Office Race

John Travolta buddy film earns $38 million its opening weekend.

Projection Booth: Battle Of The Bikers — 'Wild Hogs' Vs. 'Ghost Rider'

'Zodiac' also hopes to outrun Nicolas Cage's superhero flick this weekend.

'Number 23' Misses #1 Mark; 'Ghost Rider' Holds Box-Office Title

Cage action pic tops Carrey thriller; 'Reno 911!' opens in top five.

Projection Booth: Can Carrey's '23' Out-Spook Cage's 'Ghost Rider'?

Superhero flick broke records last weekend, but horror/thriller brings big competition.

Movie File: Nicolas Cage, 'Gospel According To Janis,' Sienna Miller & More

Cage to fill Mickey Mouse's shoes; Zooey Deschanel works on Joplin biopic; Miller's film choice was a 'no-brainer.'

'Ghost Rider' Burns 'Bridge' In Box-Office Fight

'Terabithia' opens at #2 over holiday weekend; 'Norbit' drops to #3.

Nic Cage Likens 'Ghost Rider' To 'Beauty And The Beast,' Talks 'Grindhouse' Cameo

He also opens up to MTV News about his son's Super name, wanting to cast Tom Waits in 'Rider.'

Iron Man? Thor? Which B-List Superhero Has The Brawn To Make It Big?

Impressive box-office receipts mean lesser-known comic book heroes are heading to big screen.

'Breach': Souled Out, By Kurt Loder

Chris Cooper plumbs the depths of a notorious American traitor. Also: Nicolas Cage unhappily trapped in the dreadful 'Ghost Rider.'

Sundance File: 'X-Men,' Anna Faris, Christian Slater, 'Ghost Rider' & More

Phoenix won't rise again; Faris' returns to the '80s; Slater inspired by 'Bobby.'

Movie File: Jessica Alba, 'Shrek The Third,' Nicolas Cage & More

Alba's violin tortures 'Fantastic' co-stars; Cameron Diaz talks 'Shrek' sequel; Cage fills us in on 'Next' project.

Nic Cage's Ghost Rider Likes Soft Rock, Jelly Beans — And Chimps

Actor says he wanted to give audiences 'something funny and scary.'

Nic Cage, Eva Mendes, Fiery Skull Make 'Ghost Rider' The 'Coolest Marvel Movie'

Peter Fonda plays face of evil in film about conflicted comic book superhero.

Comic-Con Recap: 'Spider-Man 3' Surprises; Snoop, Samuel L. Reveal Inner Geeks

'Spider-Man 3' villains, 'Superman' sequel among revelations made at weekend convention.

Movie File: Eva Mendes, Winona Ryder, Meagan Good, Bryan Singer, 'Resident Evil' & More

Mendes still voluptuous in 'Ghost Rider'; Ryder reunites with 'Heathers' director; Good steps it up.

Will Smith And Nicolas Cage Move Into 'Time Share'

Box-office heroes to co-star in and produce comedy flick.

Photo Of Nicolas Cage As Badass Biker Ghost Rider Released

No special effects apparent in first look at fall 2006 comic-book adaptation.