Here's What Actually Happens When You Get Triggered

What are triggers, and how do "trigger warnings" help trauma survivors?

Congrats! The Universe Is Expecting Two Or Three New Baby Planets

Scientists have found two, maybe three, planets orbiting around a sun-like star.

Viola Davis’ Moving Speech Shows Why We Need To Support Sexual Assault Victims

Viola Davis recounted the story of her sister, a victim of childhood sexual assault, to illustrate how vital it is that survivors and victims of assault have access to mental health resources.

POTUS Ain't Got Time For Those Governors Trying To Reject Refugees

While speaking in the Philippines, President Obama had some choice words for his political critics who want to deny refugees.

Watch This TV Host Perfectly Explain How Hatred And Islamophobia Actually Help ISIL

An Australian TV host had a mic drop explanation for why ISIL wants us to respond to the Paris attacks with islamophobia and hatred.

How Do You Explain The Paris Attacks To Kids?

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Quit 'Slut' Shaming Charlie Sheen

We must not promote a climate of shame around sex and HIV.

This Group Is DIY-ing Pads To Take The Taboo Out Of Period Products

This non-profit is encouraging an environmentally and economically friendly solution to #PeriodProblems that's totally stigma-free.

Donald Trump Said He’d ‘Strongly Consider’ Shutting Down Mosques As President

Donald Trump called in to MSNBC’s "Morning Joe" to say that he would "strongly consider" shutting down mosques and criticized New York City's mayor for decreasing surveillance in religious spaces.

Several States Are Refusing To Accept Refugees After Paris Attacks

Governors in Texas, Michigan and Alabama are announcing that they don't want refugees settled in their states, but here's why that's a bad idea.

The Ultimate Democratic Debate Workout

If you didn't have enough political cardio in our GOP workout, slap on your red, white and blue sweatbands for round two.

University Of Missouri System Names A New Interim President

University of Missouri has named a replacement for Tim Wolfe -- and he has a civil right's background.

An Ohio Public School Is Allegedly Telling Kids Marriage Prevents STDs

A local atheist's group alleges there was an medically inaccurate lesson at an Ohio school suggesting marriage prevents STDs, the school calls the claims "ridiculous."

Mizzou Police Make An Arrest After Yik Yak Threats

University police made the arrest hours after the threats were posted, but students remain concerned for their safety.

Let These Veterans Show You They Have So Much More Than War Stories

Four veterans told MTV News about their service, their passions and the value of knowing someone "has your six."

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Spoiler Alert: Those #Empowering Ads Are Still Just Trying To Sell You Things

Everyone's always selling something.

These Women Have Been Free Bleeding To Expose The Ridiculous Truth Behind The Tampon Tax

Activists from the U.K. are out to put an end to the tampon tax. Period.

Losing Your Chill Would Be Great For Your Sex Life

Losing your chill could help bridge the orgasm gap and end the sad tradition of lackluster sex.

Ireland's New Drug Policies Should Be A Wake-Up Call For The U.S.

Ireland's latest drug policy move could do wonders for the way the world thinks about drugs and drug addiction.

Take That Ohio, Mexico Is Getting Closer To Legalizing Marijuana

Mexico's Supreme Court has made a major drug policy decision that will definitely have an effect on the United States.

Houston Votes 'No' On A Major Anti-Discrimination Bill — Here's What Happened

Texas' largest city is taking a huge step against discrimination and transphobia with this vote.

Forget The Stork -- Here's How You Explain Sex To Kids

Parents don't need to shy away from conversations about sex at a young age and this children's book gives them a tool to do it in a comfortable and healthy way.

After Attempting Suicide, These Survivors Want You To Know 'You Are Worth Your Life’

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