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Rebecca Brown leaves MTV. The world cries.

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On tonight's episode of "Teen Mom," Farrah asks her mom if Sophia can live with her for a while. Take the poll and tell us if you agree with Farrah's decision.

Crystal Reed On Her 'Teen Wolf' Character's Vendetta [Video]

In this "Teen Wolf" interview, the cast discusses Allison's downward spiral.

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Catelynn from "Teen Mom" defends her relationship with Tyler over Twitter.

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Peter Hale thinks there is one way that Jackson can be saved on "Teen Wolf," take the poll and tell us if you agree with him.

Farrah Abraham Drops Her First Pop Single! Are You Feeling It?

Farrah from "Teen Mom" drops her first single, "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom." Farrah releases her first single. Take the "Teen Mom" poll and let us know if you like it.

Jenni Pokes Fun At Snooki's (Mis)Understanding Of The Sky [Sneak Peek]

In this sneak peek from "Snooki & JWOWW," things get heated when Snooki and JWOWW make fun of each other in Mexico.

That's What You Said...About Farrah's Improved Family Ties

Remote Control and Facebook fans sound off on how Farrah's relationship with her mom has changed.

MTV Twitter Roundup: Vinny Guadagnino Showers His New Lady With McNuggets

Check out what MTV's best and brightest had to say on Twitter this week:

Desperate Boy Wants An Internet Girlfriend, Preferably Snooki [Video]

A young guy's weird plea for an internet girlfriend includes a mention of Snooki.

'Awkward.' Poll: Is Jenna Really In Love With Jake?

Jenna finally realized she loved Jake, but do you think her feelings are true? Take the "Awkward" poll.

Snooki On Introducing Jionni To The World Of Drag [Video]

In this clip from the "Snooki & JWOWW Confessional," the girls talk about Roger and Jionni's experience at the drag show.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Snooki's Got A Big Announcement

Snooki has a major announcement that she's revealing tonight via Ustream.

Butch Faces The Music In Court [Sneak Peek]

In this all-new sneak peek of "Teen Mom," April, Tyler and his mom go to Butch's arraignment.

'Real World' Poll: Are Robb And Marie Hindering Brandon's Sobriety?

Are Robb and Marie a bad influence on Brandon? Take the "Real World" poll.

Tyler And Catelynn Are Fresh Out Of Sympathy For Butch [Bonus Scene]

In this bonus scene from "Teen Mom," Cate and Tyler discuss Butch's violent outburst and his likely return to jail.

Read The First Chapter Of Farrah Abraham's Book For Free!

We have the first chapter from Farrah Abraham's memoir, "My Teenage Dream Ended."

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Maci and Kyle put in an offer on a house, but are they ready for this big step? Take the "Teen Mom" poll.

Derek's 'Teen Wolf' Fate Is Now Entirely In Scott's Hands [Sneak Peek]

In this "Teen Wolf" sneak peek, Gerard orders Scott to help him kill Derek.

Tyler Posey Moonlights As The Kanima's Makeup Master [Photo]

Colton Haynes shares a pic of Tyler Posey doing his makeup on the "Teen Wolf" set.

'Teen Wolf' Poll: Was Allison Smart To Side With The Hunters?

Allison finally decided to side with her family and go after the werewolves, did she make the right choice? Take the poll.

#teenwolftrivia Reveals Secrets Of Sound-Mixing And Stiles' Hairdo

Executive Producer Jeff Davis challenged viewers to some #teenwolftrivia on Twitter.

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JWOWW gets frustrated when Snooki continues to complain about her pregnancy.

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"Teen Wolf" fans sound off on Allison's relationship with Matt.