This Year In ‘The Stakes’

‘The Stakes’ is your look at the week’s news without the filler of talking heads and clickbait

This Year In ‘Speed Dial’

Your weekly dive into all the pop-culture news you should be following or leaving behind

This Year In ‘Happy Sad Confused’

Josh Horowitz gets nerdy and intimate with the biggest movie stars and filmmakers on the planet

This Year In ‘Lady Problems’

MTV’s weekly look at how pop culture is treating women. Hint: It is almost always ‘poorly.’

'Happy Sad Confused’ Podcast: Emile Hirsch On Autopsies And Finding Clarity

Emile Hirsch talks to MTV's Josh Horowitz about autopsies and finding clarity

This Year In ‘North Mollywood’

The weekly altered-reality pop-culture recap that you didn’t know you needed

How To Make Radical Art, One Instagram At A Time

Plus, what’s next for Standing Rock

‘Lady Problems’ Podcast: Hubba Hubba, A Chat About Sex-Centric Movies

Plus: How you can personally fuck with the Trump administration this week

‘Happy Sad Confused,’ With Young Romantic Aaron Taylor-Johnson

The ‘Nocturnal Animals’ star talks marrying young in Hollywood

‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 27: HaterNation

Also discussed: Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren, Childish Gambino’s new album, ‘Awaken, My Love!’ and a very special voicemail

'Skillset': William Shakespeare, Class Of So Freakin’ Baked

Welcome to the high school stoner comedy episode

What It’s Like Right Now At Standing Rock

Writer Marcus Ellsworth and producer Kasia Mychajlowycz travel to the site of the #nodapl protests in North Dakota

‘Lady Problems’ Podcast: Filmmaker And Actress Sophia Takal Talks Female Directors In Hollywood

Plus: What to do when you catch your aunt shit-talking you over DM

‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 26: ‘Alt-White’

Also discussed: the pleasures of British comedy, holiday struggle plates, and The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’

‘Skillset’ Podcast: All John Hughes All The Time

Plus: The mysterious missing hour of ‘Breakfast Club’ footage the world has never seen

‘Happy Sad Confused': Shia LaBeouf Goes Deep

Shia LaBeouf talks to Josh Horowitz about his wild career

‘The Stakes’: Do The Work

Another week, another (sort of) political podcast

‘Lady Problems’ Podcast: The New Trumpian Reality

Plus: A question from a woman wondering how to engage with white women post-election

‘Happy Sad Confused,’ With Legend Warren Beatty

Beatty talks politics, film, and turning down ‘The Godfather’

‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 22: ‘This Some Bullshit’

Also discussed: Dream Kardashian, Leslie Jones, how to survive in Trump’s America

‘Skillset’ Revolts: The Rebel Without A Cause Episode

Amy Nicholson chats with the owner of Indiana’s premier James Dean Gallery and Hailee Steinfeld of ‘The Edge of Seventeen’

Introducing 'Team Wolf,' A 'Teen Wolf' Podcast

Recapping every episode of the final episodes 'Teen Wolf'

Assata’s Daughters, Pussy Riot, And Prison Landscapes

This week’s political podcast spans Assata’s Daughters, Pussy Riot, and prison landscapes

The ‘Lady Problems’ Podcast, With Filmmaker Anna Biller

The director of ‘The Love Witch’ talks art and politics