Over 2,000 Pounds Of Marijuana Were Found Inside Fake Carrots Arriving From Mexico

When border patrol agents in Texas decided to take a closer look at a shipment of what they they thought were fresh carrots on Monday (Jan. 13), they got a super-skunky surprise.

Steven Avery's Ex-Fiancé Claims He Was An Abusive 'Monster' Who Is 'Not Innocent'

“Steven called me and told me that if I didn’t say anything good and nice about him, I’d pay,” she said. “He’d beat me.”

This Councilwoman Had The Perfect Response To A CNN Host's Victim-Blaming Question About Rape

“We shouldn’t talk about whether she was drunk, or whether she was properly dressed or the time of the evening that it happened. That’s too typical of the situation of how we discuss rape in the city, the nation and really the world.”

New Anti-Trans Bathroom Bills Could Authorize Teachers To Demand To See Students Naked

"You cant know a person's genitals by looking at them."

A Manufacturer Of Child-Like Sex Dolls Says He's Saving Kids From Pedophiles

There aren’t many treatment options available to people who recognize that they have an inappropriate attraction to children, but want to avoid acting on their compulsions — which is why one man says he’s manufacturing life-like child sex dolls to help them cope and keep children safe.

City Declares 'No Selfie Zones' After Teen Falls Into The Sea While Taking Pic

The man who jumped in to save her drowned.

Police Can Now Use Software To Scan Social Media And Calculate Your Threat 'Score'

“We’re seeing police experimenting with social media monitoring software all around the country,” the ACLU's Jay Stanley told MTV News, “which we definitely don’t think they should be doing.”

Circus Elephants Are Getting The Early Retirement They Deserve, Thanks To Activists

“It’s almost like the Berlin Wall within animal welfare," one activist said.

Mexican Authorities Want To Talk To Sean Penn About His Secret El Chapo Interview

Just weeks after proudly telling Sean Penn, “I supply more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world,” El Chapo is back in Altiplano, the same Mexican maximum-security prison he escaped back in July.

'Smart Guns' That Can Only Be Fired By Their Rightful Owners Might Hit U.S. Stores Soon

"Smart guns" have technology that can recognize the fingerprint or grip of an authorized owner and guarantee that they're the only person able to fire weapon.

The FBI Briefly Ran A Child Porn Site On Its Own Servers To Hack Pedophiles

The child pornography site, which -- horrifyingly -- was called “Playpen,” had nearly 215,000 members and featured “some of the most extreme child abuse imagery one could imagine."

This Surgically-Implanted Switch Could Be The Future Of Male Birth Control

When the valve is in the the off position, the sperm is diverted back into the body so it can’t enter the ejaculatory fluid, eliminating any possibility of pregnancy.

Most Americans Are One Missed Paycheck Away From Poverty

New research suggests that a majority of Americans — not just young ones — aren’t saving money at all.

Twitter And Facebook Will Help Germany 'Get Tougher' On Hate Speech Against Refugees

Critics of these kinds of extreme measures against hate speech say the laws are harming free expression.

Native Americans To Oregon Militants: Get The Hell Off 'Our Land'

The Burns Paiute Tribe has inhabited this part of Oregon for 6,000 years, and they're definitely not happy about the militants who are fighting for 'ownership' of the land.

Scientists Now Fear Climate Change Is Happening Faster Than It Has In All Of Earth's History

This isn't what scientists were hoping to find.

People Are Furious At This German Mayor For Suggesting Women Have To Prevent Their Sexual Assaults

On New Year’s Eve in Germany, groups of up to 1,000 men roved around in the cities of Cologne and Hamburg allegedly groping, robbing and sexually assaulting more than 100 women.

A Company That Forced Employees To Take Unpaid Bathroom Breaks Now Owes Them $1.75 Million

“No worker should have to face the choice: Do I take a bathroom break, or do I get paid?”

Smart Cars And Smart Houses Are Learning How To Talk To Each Other — Finally

Ford and Amazon are teaming up to let us control our houses using our cars, and vice-versa.

Salt Lake City Just Swore In Its First Openly Lesbian Mayor

Jackie Biskupsi -- who is also only second woman ever to be elected mayor in Salt Lake City -- spoke about the way LGBT issues first compelled her to get into politics.

Trump's TV Ad Promises He'll Make Mexico Build A Wall At The Border -- While Showing A Border In Morocco

While the voice-over is talking about Mexico, an aerial shot of dozens of people rushing across the border. Or, a border.

Soon There Will Be No Way To Know Where Our Meat Comes From

A law requiring labels on pork and red meat to say which country it originated has just been repealed.

Mark Zuckerberg's Sweet Message To Girls: Don't Date The Nerd, 'Be The Nerd'

A grandmother commented on Zuckerberg's post, saying, "I keep telling my daughters to date the nerd in school," because "he may turn out to be a Mark Zuckerberg."

A Massive Fire Is Engulfing A Skyscraper In Dubai

The fire began just as the city's New Year's Eve celebrations were beginning.