Lady Problems: Never Trust A Man Or Doll With Two First Names

A couple li’l things that we, as a society, need before we need a boy American Girl doll named Logan Everett

50 Shades Whiter

A list of everything white in Fifty Shades Darker, the whitest movie of all time

The Young Pope, Episodes 9 And 10: The Yung Yung Pope

Do not forget for one single second that this pope is extremely hot and extremely young

Lady Problems: Do Bella And Gigi Hadid Hate Each Other Or Are They Just Sisters?

Two sisters who will style the same item of clothing completely differently, which is fun, might really be mortal enemies

The Young Pope, Episodes 7 And 8: The Bastard Pope

A hot young pope road trip!!!!

Rachel Bloom Was Born This Way

It takes a neurotic, death-obsessed theater kid to make ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,’ TV’s best show about a neurotic, death-obsessed theater kid

The Young Pope, Episodes 5 And 6: The LMFAO Pope

The Hot Young Pope comes from Hot Young Parents

Lady Problems: *Kiss Kiss* Welcome To The White Feminism Luncheon, Bitsy Dear

In which we explore the one-size-fits-all white feminism problem

The Young Pope, Episode 4: The Homophobic Pope

This is not your standard prestige drama. This is the Hot-Ass ‘Young Pope’!!

Lady Problems: The Academy Lovingly Bestows Oscar Noms On Bad Men

Plus: A dystopian film about the Trump administration. But ... it's directed by ... Michael Bay...

Young Pope, Episode 2: The Stunted Pope

Please remember that this pope is still very young for a pope

Mike Mills On Geminis, Judy Blume, And His Own 20th Century Women

And why Annette Benning was 'particularly perfect' playing his brilliant and strange mother

Lady Problems: No Man Shall Greenlight Another White-Ass, Dude-Ass Movie

Plus: Behold, an unholy object of Satan masquerading as an Emma Watson doll

The Young Pope, Episode 1: The Scamp-Ass Pope

There's a new Pope in town

Lady Problems: A Totally Meaningless Ranking Of Bodily Discomfort At The Golden Globes

Itchy dresses, temporary ribcage tattoos, ‘anal’ jokes, and more!

Magic Together: A Q&A With The Director Of Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher And Debbie Reynolds

‘I’m unable to watch the film now that they’ve died. I would just weep.’

What Is Kim Trying To Tell Us? Several Konspiracy Theories Regarding Her Social-Media Strategy

Only the presence of tall grays or the apocalypse could make Saint barf so mightily

Lady Problems: The Rockette Horror Inauguration Show

Plus Simon & Schuster and Milo

Diamonds Are Forever, Or For A Few Hours

Selecting a fake engagement ring for a fake engagement with the help of Layna Friedman, jewelry designer and engagement-ring expert to the stars

Your Favorite Christmas Movies Rewritten For The Trump Era

Ralphie Parker only wants one thing for Christmas: an AR-15-style semiautomatic assault rifle, the most popular gun in America

Lady Problems: The Rainbow Coalition

Someday we’ll find it — the rainbow coalition, the lovers, ‘The Hollywood Reporter,’ and me

Lady Problems Superlatives: The Winners And Losers Of 2016

After a year of examining how the entertainment industry — and its corresponding culture and constituents — treats women, we present you with the best and worst of Hollywood

Top Ten Pop Culture Moments That Made Us Question The Nature Of Our Reality

As we bid farewell to an incredibly surreal 2016, let us never forget that this was the year Lindsay Lohan developed an inexplicable accent

Lady Problems: Ah, The Old Butter-Rape Controversy

Also: Got a commercially and critically successful show but it’s only watched by women? Cancel it!