Obama, The Trump Whisperer

Whatever you may think of Obama maintaining an open-door policy to Trump, it’s the only play he has

How Trump’s Election Has Tested My Faith

Sometimes God arranges the universe so that I will have to work harder than I wanted to

The Death Of Obamacare

Comparing the ACA to any of the GOP alternatives isn’t like comparing apples and oranges — it’s more like an apple vs. a hand grenade

This Trump Appointment Could Be Catastrophic For Urban America

It's easy to get overwhelmed by what's happening, but we can't afford to ignore even these seemingly smaller flare-ups

Jared Kushner Might Be The Most Powerful — And Scariest — Person In Politics

Kushner is 35 years old and married to the president-elect's daughter

Hillary Didn't Lose Because Of 'Working Class Voters'

The truth is far more troubling than that

How The Threat Of A Trump Presidency Threatens My Faith In God

That idea threatens to break my faith in a way that the deaths of friends and family, and the witness of grave social injustices, hasn’t. It’s just too much.

Why Is My Dad Mad: Evan McMullin Edition

A new outsider candidate could change the race

Trump’s Unreality Show

Not believing anyone is exactly what he wants you to believe

Why Is My Dad Mad: Outsider Candidate Edition

All votes matter, so be strategic with yours

Why Is My Dad Mad? Trump Foundation Edition

Trump's dodgy charity operation should scare you

Trump White People Like

You can’t separate Trump’s supporters from his message of racial supremacy.

Politically Correct And Proud

If Donald Trump is anti-PC, maybe being the opposite isn't so bad

Why Is My Dad Mad?

Tea Party Barbie Edition

The Doctor Is Out

Why we should stop concern-trolling about candidates’ health.

Trump’s Dangerous Policy Nihilism

Trump's fans don't care that he's changed his position — and that's dangerous.

Getting Beaten By A Girl

The sexism behind Trump's whining

Keep Trump In The Spotlight

Ignoring his rhetoric doesn't make it go away.

No, Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Need To Woo The GOP

Why make policy concessions to the right when they have plenty of reasons to back her without them?

Guess Which Party Loves The Military Now?

The Democrats may have grabbed the rhetorical high ground, but there’s still no contradiction between supporting our troops and questioning military might.

Platform Dive

How the GOP tied themselves to Trump.

On The Ground In Saint Paul: Mourners Rail Against The Murder Of Philando Castile

"I'm done praying about this," one man said. "I'm done getting on my knees."

Why Is My Dad Mad?

Wipe the Server After You're Done edition

The Old And The Restless: Politically, Adults Are The New Youngs

We're in a historical moment where it's young people who seem to be showing more deliberation — if not exactly restraint — than their elders.