Donald Trump’s (Lack Of A) State-By-State Strategy Is A Big Problem

The issue isn't going after voters in all 50 states. The issue is doing it badly.

Is Donald Trump Really A Populist?

How Trump brought back a centuries-old political movement -- for the worse.

Simone Biles, American Hero

Biles is the best — not for a black woman, not for a black gymnast. For anyone.

We’ve Gotten Presidential Power All Wrong

Here's what the president can actually do — and what the president can't.

No, Donald Trump Is Not A Fascist — But That’s Not The Point

Fascist rhetoric is still dangerous, even when it's coming from a non-fascist.

Likability Is A Lie

People love Bernie and love to hate Trump, so why did only one of them succeed?

At The DNC, Black Women Stayed The Course

Ignore the booing. But pay attention to the women on — and off — stage.

Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Need To Win This Week

In short, she doesn't need to lock up the presidency this week in order for the Democratic National Convention to be a success. She just needs to, well, not fuck it all up over the next four days.

Ted Cruz Is The Last Man Standing

On the one man in Cleveland with any goddang sense.

Melania’s Plagiarism Is A Distraction

Don’t fall for it

The Republican National Convention House Band: A Tribute

They played each song with the air of a band that definitely brought its own sound and lighting equipment.

Why Is My Dad Mad?

Welcome to "Why Is My Dad Mad?," MTV's occasional inquiry into issues that may come up on your Facebook feed or over dinner.

Shampaign Report: An Affair To Remember

This is the story of what happens when you launch a presidential campaign while having the basic organizational capacity of a broken pretzel. This is the Shampaign Report.

Can Conservatives Make Criminal Justice Reform Happen?

Conservatives and the Obama administration are joined in saying the systems that have put 2.2 million Americans behind bars badly need reforming, but until that happens, those same systems are still at work -- with lives on the line.

Ben Carson Knows What Makes America Free

Thousands of years ago, the ancient Egyptians, busy with their grain storage pyramids, couldn’t have known the freedom that would someday visit this earth. The freedom to speak. The freedom to believe. The freedom to blow your goddamn hands off with high-power explosives launched into the night for hours and hours.

The (Really, Really) Racist History Of Gun Control In America

The origin of gun control — and its impact on black Americans — is being forgotten

Africa Specific: Here We Go

This is a series about the African continent, because what happens in Niger or Nigeria has implications on all of us, whether they're good, bad, or Brexit. This is just a slice of what's out there, so keep reading and keep learning. This is “Africa Specific.”

Representative John Lewis Is Not To Be Trifled With

At this moment, Georgia Representative John Lewis is leading a sit-in on the floor of the House of Representatives, fighting for a vote on gun control legislation. The following are reasons why you should not fuck with Georgia Representative John Lewis.

Sex Workers Are Taking Charge

On Thursday night, the Sex Workers Project celebrated its 15th anniversary at a club in West Manhattan, complete with burlesque dancers and an auction. And the group -- the only organization in the United States dedicated to serving both sex workers and victims of human trafficking -- had a lot to celebrate.

Memo To The GOP: You Did This To Yourself

Out of 17 candidates for the Republican nomination, you went with the one least attached to Republican principles and most similar to a processed cheese product.

We Are Not Afraid

After Orlando, the LGBTQ community will keep on fighting

After Winning The Libertarian Party Nomination, Can Gary Johnson Win Your Heart?

Governor Gary Johnson is feeling good after clinching the Libertarian Party nomination for president over Memorial Day weekend. More accurately, he’s feeling “really terrific.”

A Few Questions For Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Would you then try and take the nomination from Trump, because he said something you were fine with a week ago but now are not?

Note To RNC: Donald Trump Is Racist

How is this not clear?