How Musicals Got Their Groove Back

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in the 'La La Land' trailer just might be the movie musical at its best.

A Celebration Of Point Break, 25 Years Later

Great surf movies only come once in a fifty year storm, and twenty five years ago today, Bigelow released the best surf movie of all time.

Revisiting The Original Ghostbusters Movies

With the allegedly childhood-ruining remake dropping this week, a look back at the beloved franchise-starter and its sequel.

The Innocents Is A Stirring Examination Of Faith, Friendship, And Feminism

To see a film with this many fully developed female characters is rare, and watching women talk to each other without the interruption of men is even more so.

Netflix's Messy Marcella

The new crime drama feels familiar, but its sometimes hard-to-root-for protagonist might hold your interest.

Enjoy Some Poetry, A Silly Art Form, About The Legend Of Tarzan, A Very Silly Movie

We present you with some limericks as unnecessary as the movie itself.

10 Of The Most Intriguing Academy Invitees To This Year's Diverse Class

The 683-person list is beginning to address the #OscarsSoWhite problem

The Big Family-Friendly Giant: Steven Spielberg And Understanding The Loneliness Of Childhood

For kids, the world is equally open to magic and to catastrophe at all times.

Todd Solondz, The King Of Feel-Bad Cinema

The director is an expert on the American middle class vision of human brutality. But, you know, funny.

A Conversation With Nicolas Winding Refn About Neon Demon, Narcissism, And Elle Fanning

"There's no one else. She has the thing."

The Unbearable Blakeness Of Lively

Blake Lively is indestructible and she will be famous forever.

Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? Reboot Is A Lesbian Vampire Movie Where The Gays Are Just Like Us

James Franco's obsession with his own image and sexuality erases everything potentially radical about this queer retelling.

On Those Horrifying Crime Scene Photos In O.J.: Made In America

When presented with the gruesome photos of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, even O.J. looked away

The Everyman Is A Dick: Curb Your Enthusiasm Returns To TV

Larry David Is The Worst, And That's Hilarious

From Carrie to Mission: Impossible: A Beginner’s Guide To Brian De Palma

Before you go see De Palma, the new documentary about the director's life, here are a things to know

The Swiss Army Man Magical Bus Tour: A Soothingly Existential Afternoon With The Corpse Of Daniel Radcliffe

Sit back, relax, and contemplate death

The Conjurer

With franchises like Saw and The Conjuring, director James Wan has dominated horror for a decade. But does he really know what terrifies us?

Q&A: The Fits Director Anna Rose Holmer On Making A Movie About 'The Dancing Disease'

The first-time director talks gender identity, race, and what exactly happened to those girls in Le Roy, New York.

An Appreciation Of Hot Rod, The Lonely Island's First Film

Popstar, out this weekend, is the comedy trio's first major film in nearly ten years. Why has it taken audiences almost a decade to catch up?

This Is Insane: A Frame-By-Frame Breakdown Of The Inexplicably Record-Breaking Trailer For NBC's This Is Us

Why did so many people watch this nonsense? What are the secrets of this preview footage? Why are we even doing this?

We Still Don’t Live In That Kind Of World: Thelma & Louise, 25 Years Later

Over two decades later, the ultimate buddy road movie sees the world exactly as it is

Well, Oklahoma Is No Longer Safe For Women: Celebrate With These 'Bad Abortion' Movies

These eight films will help fuel your rage against Oklahoma's anti-abortion legislature.

Which Hollywood Woman Said This Thing: Depressing Quotes On Ageism, Sexism, And Racism Through The Years

Sound familiar?

Dear Women In Hollywood: Now Is The Time To Get Paid

When money in the industry is tight, funding deficits are used as an excuse not to pay women fairly. And right now, there's never been more money in TV.