'The Girl Who Played With Fire': Middling, By Kurt Loder

Cyber-icon seeks better movie.

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Legendary guitarist gets small at New York's Iridium club.

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Oddballs, Inc.

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Another 'SNL' skit pumped up to pass for a movie.

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Amanda Seyfried and Vanessa Redgrave make the most of a sunny romantic comedy.

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Russell Crowe in search of Sherwood Forest.

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Why Jeff Bridges is suddenly on everybody's Oscar list.

Return Of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, 1999, In The Loder Files

Punk-funk pioneers bounce back with one of their biggest albums.

AC/DC: Still Going Strong, 2003, In The Loder Files

The original monsters of rock were still at it — and still are.

At Home With Jane's Addiction, 1988, In The Loder Files

A classic alt-rock band on the rise.

Metallica On Top In 1991, In The Loder Files

Touring the album that broke them big.

Rob Zombie: Music Man, 1998, In The Loder Files

Horror-metal star goes solo.

Into 'The X-Files,' 1998, In The Loder Files

Back in the day with alien-busters David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

Beastie Boys Beat, 1998 -- In The Loder Files

A few tall tales from the original white-boy rap stars.

Sarah Jessica Parker And Johnny Depp: Life Before 'Sex' (And 'Pirates'), In The Loder Files

In 'Ed Wood,' they worked with one of the world's best directors to celebrate one of the worst.

Back To School With Cyndi Lauper, 1988, In The Loder Files

Girl just wants to have a diploma.

Bo Diddley, Rock And Roll Pioneer, Dead At 79

The great guitarist invented one of rock's most distinctive rhythms.

At Home With John Waters, 1994, In The Loder Files

The trash-movie king comes up from underground.

Highway To Gwar, 1989, In The Loder Files

Is this the world's most disgusting band? Let's hope.

Bruce Springsteen Returns To His Roots In 1995, In The Loder Files

Springsteen, who had just won an Oscar for 'Streets of Philadelphia,' pleased fans with an E Street Band reunion.

Madonna Gets Her Way -- As Usual -- In 1994, In The Loder Files

We followed Maddy to the Spain set of her 'Take a Bow' video to discuss her voice, family and then-trashy image.

David Lee Roth Clouds Minds In 1997, In The Loder Files

Van Halen frontman dodged questions about a reunion that's finally happening.

Courtney Love Opens Up About Kurt Cobain's Death In 1994, In The Loder Files

The Hole frontwoman is a natural star because you never know what she'll do next.

Freestyling With Eminem, 1999, In The Loder Files

Tales from Detroit, and an off-the-cuff rap with his late friend Proof.