Avenged Sevenfold Salute Dimebag, Shun Metalcore On Evil

Group recounts Pantera guitarist's death from point of view of his assassin.

Aerosmith Guitarist's Solo Vacation Won't Be Permanent

Unlike previous LPs, Joe Perry's latest doesn't mean splitting from band.

Deftones Singer's Team Sleep Emerge With Dreamy Debut

Project was 10 years in the making.

Seether Frontman Shaun Morgan Is Very Angry

Rage at music industry fuels new LP, Karma and Effect.

Fall Out Boy's Sound Has Changed, But The Weirdly Long Song Titles Remain

Band coped with pressure of being 'next big thing' by going in different direction, says bassist.

Trust Company Learn That The Big Time Ain't All It's Cracked Up To Be

Singer Kevin Palmer calls True Parallels his 'last effort' to succeed.

Disturbed Songs Will Be 'United In Anger' On Third Album

Windy City metal band covers Genesis' 'Land of Confusion' on still-untitled LP.

Moby Takes Aim At Nick And Jessica With 'Beautiful'

'I was thinking of two not very bright celebrities singing it to each other,' he says.

Judas Priest Reborn With Retribution, Revisit Classic Sound

Band strives to reclaim lost glory on first LP with Rob Halford in 14 years.

Dimebag Darrell's Brother May Soon Perform Again; Anselmo Looks To Make Peace

Two months after deadly concert shooting, drummer is considering a comeback.

Zakk Wylde Rips Blind Followers On 'Just Another Black Label Society Record'

Guitarist avoids trying too hard on new LP, Mafia.

Ex-Smashing Pumpkins Drummer Says The Creator May Want To Hear His Music

Life Begins Again a rebirth for Jimmy Chamberlin.

Razorlight Frontman Gives Up Drugs For Rock Dreams

Heroin and cocaine numbed Johnny Borrell's feelings; music expresses them.

German Cannibal Helps Rammstein Write New Single

Bizarre and gruesome true story inspired 'Mein Teil.'

Dimebag's Former Bandmate Phil Anselmo Says He's Devastated, Plans To Disappear

Singer saddened that he was not allowed to attend guitarist's funeral.

Vinnie Paul: 'Rest In Peace Brother Dime'

Statement reveals that band's head of security was also killed.

'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott: A Larger-Than-Life Guitarist And Human Being

'He's the type of guy that would do anything for his friends,' says Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian.

Metallica Documentarian Goes Deeper With Book About The Making Of 'Monster'

Joe Berlinger tries to capture 'human wreckage that results from living a destructive rock and roll lifestyle.'

Silvertide Go A Few Rounds With Van Halen, Aerosmith Before 'Comin' Home'

Young band has an old-school take on rock's message and the songwriting process.

Slayer Gig Slays, Even Though The 'Raining Blood' Is Just A Drizzle

Two decades haven't dulled the live attack of metal's most brutal foursome.

Cake Singer So Not Excited About Touring, Admits His Band Is Irrelevant

John McCrea calls his band 'culturally irrelevant' and touring 'rootless and depressing.'

Pharrell, Franz, Linkin Park Get Handsome — Handsome Boy Modeling School, That Is

Bizarre collaborations once again a hallmark of stylish duo.

Morrissey Promises Nancy Sinatra A Ride On The Charts

His 'Let Me Kiss You' is first single off her new album of songs penned by alternative artists.

Shadows Fall Doing 'Liver Push-Ups' To Prepare For Tour With Damageplan

Inner conflict drives the lyrics of metal band's latest offering.