Tenacious D 'Rescuing' Rock With Rize Of The Fenix

'Elvis and the Beatles, these are people that, when they played rock, kids would come running and screaming,' Jack Black tells MTV News.

Tenacious D Return To Reclaim Title As Rock Ultra-Gods

New video chronicles the duo's return to rockdom and announces their third studio album, Rize of the Fenix.

Tenacious D, M.I.A., Dead Weather Bring Swagger To Outside Lands

Band of Horses, Modest Mouse, Matt & Kim help close out San Fransico fest.

Beastie Boys Tour The Swing States Before Election Day Because That's Where 'Every Vote Matters'

Mike D calls upcoming vote 'the most important election of our lives.'

Projection Booth: Bond, Denzel And Penguins Battle For Holiday Bucks

'Déjàa Vu' joins 'Casino Royale' and 'Happy Feet' in holiday box-office race.

Game Clobbers Akon, Takes Albums Chart

Album is MC's second consecutive #1 debut.

'The Fountain': Space Odyssey, By Kurt Loder

Return of the head trip. Also: 'Tenacious D,' 'For Your Consideration,' and 'The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes.'

Jack Black Playing Muhammad Ali? Hit 'Rewind' And You'll See

Actor 'remakes' 'When We Were Kings,' 'Ghostbusters,' 'Driving Miss Daisy' in Michel Gondry's demented comedy.

Can Tenacious D Follow In Borat's Footsteps, Beat Cult-Comedy Curse?

'Pick of Destiny' looks to avoid fate of 'Mr. Show,' 'Strangers With Candy' movie spinoffs.

Meat Loaf Dishes On Playing Jack Black's Dad, Hating 'Idol' Performance

Rocker says he's influenced everyone from Killers, My Chemical Romance to Kurt Cobain, Axl Rose.

As 'Pick Of Destiny' Looms, Tenacious D Reflect: 'We Never Paid Any Dues'

... And Kyle Gass reveals he failed audition as Maytag man.

For The Record: Quick News On Fall Out Boy, Panic, Mariah, Ciara, Busta, Bono, MCR, Tenacious D & More

FOB readying album for February; Carey's Hong Kong concert canceled; Ciara celebrates 21st birthday.

For The Record: Quick News On Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Madonna, Tenacious D, Korn, Beck, Pearl Jam & More

Keys hosting Black Ball fundraiser; China cancels Jay-Z show; man claims Madonna adopted his son.

For The Record: Quick News On Diddy, Paris Hilton, 'American Idol,' Guns N' Roses, Bono, H.I.M. & More

Diddy doubles up on girls; Hilton arraignment postponed; Jewel guest-judging on 'Idol.'

Movie File: Jack Black, Ethan Hawke, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown & More

Tenacious D shoot video for soundtrack single; second 'Before Sunrise' sequel possible; hip-hop stomps old name.

Jack Black To Host MTV Video Music Awards; Promises To 'Bring The Thunder'

'Radio City Music Hall will never be the same,' actor says in statement.

'Nacho Libre': Jack Attack, By Kurt Loder

From the makers of 'Napoleon Dynamite,' a movie sort of like that one, but not enough.

Also: Keanu and Sandy go postal in 'The Lake House.'

Coldplay, Arcade Fire, Franz, Wilco Bring Even More Heat To Sweltering Austin Fest

Approximately 65,000 fans braved 100-plus-degree heat and a threat from Hurricane Rita for the weekend's festival.

Tenacious D, Grohl, Homme Do Somersaults, Invoke Satan For Hurricane Relief

Hollywood concert also features comedians David Cross, Sarah Silverman.

More Katrina Benefits Planned, Featuring John Mayer, Tenacious D, Pearl Jam And Others

Expanding list also includes Dave Matthews, Roots, Dashboard Confessional.

How Do You Sell A Movie These Days? Online Satanic Newscasts

Upcoming releases' official sites are pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Will Ferrell Rocks Cowbell At Star-Studded Tsunami Benefit

Show also included Chris Rock, Dave Grohl, Eddie Vedder, Beck, Tenacious D.

Chris Rock, Jack Black, Demi Moore At 'Fahrenheit' Premiere

Jodie Foster, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew Perry also on hand.

For The Record: Quick News On Good Charlotte, T.A.T.U., Eminem, Nas, John Mayer, Tamyra Gray, Tenacious D & More