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Paris plans new book; Bam plots tour; Love upset by mother's forthcoming memoir.

New Supergrass LP: Born In A Barn, Literally

Band abandons trademark buzzsaw pop for a more esoteric sound on fifth album.

For The Record: Quick News On Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, R. Kelly, Talib Kweli, Britney Spears, Supergrass & More

Jessica Simpson, Destiny's Child For NFL Concert

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Supergrass Get Thrown For A L.O.O.P, Party With Skanks

Group's fourth release pays homage to band's favorite TV show, 'Carl Sagan's Cosmos.'

Mood Moosic: Cows Love Ballads, Hate To Rock

Scientists answer age-old question 'Why aren't there ever cows in the mosh pit?'

Singer Says Supergrass' Latest LP Shows Growth, Not Maturity

Brit-pop trio's singer/guitarist says third album has more groove, more soul.

Supergrass Nearly Nixed "Stereo"

Pearl Jam Lands Sonic Youth, Supergrass For Tour

Supergrass Sets Downloads, Tour For New CD

Supergrass 'Moving' Through U.S. This Spring

Brit-rockers to bring their bouncy punk-pop to the States in April.

Euro Musicians Fight Cyber Piracy

Cyber Piracy, U.K. Fest, Bruce Springsteen, Kiss, the Church, Black Sabbath, Bloodfeast, Neil Young

Dr. John Records With Supergrass, Portishead

Supergrass, Spiritualized, Paul Weller Join Dr. John

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Truth Revealed In Space, Supergrass Cancellations

Break For Supergrass Drummer Cancels Tour

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