Soulja Boy Explains The Suicidal Message That Scared His Fans

Soulja Boy apologizes to fans after saying he would "die soon."

Soulja Boy's Girlfriend, Nia Riley, And Her Daughter Involved In Car Accident

Soulja Boy's girlfriend, Nia Riley, and her daughter were involved in a car accident this week.

Soulja Boy Arrested For Gun Possession

Los Angeles police found his gun after they pulled over the car he was in on Wednesday morning.

Soulja Boy Has Diamond's Back In 'Love & Hip-Hop' Controversy

'That's my past. I'm in the future right now,' femcee tells MTV News of ex Lil Scrappy bringing her up on VH1 show.

Soulja Boy On Gun And Drug Charges: 'I'm Innocent'

'I just want y'all to know I'm innocent,' Soulja says outside jailhouse after posting bond.

Soulja Boy Arrested On Drug, Gun Charges

The 21-year-old rapper was charged with marijuana and gun possession in Georgia on Tuesday, MTV News confirms.

Exclusive: Soulja Boy Talks Auditioning To Play Tupac In Biopic

'I'm really still just thinkin' about it,' he tells Sway on 'RapFix Live.'

Soulja Boy Talks Channeling Tupac In Juice For New Movement

'This mixtape is called Juice. I'm giving the people what they want,' SB tells Mixtape Daily.

Soulja Boy Mourns Death Of 14-Year-Old Brother

Rapper's half-brother, Deion Jenkins, died after car accident in Charleston, Mississippi.

Soulja Boy Makes Wishes Known With 'Grammy'

SB tells 'RapFix Live' he wants The DeAndre Way to show 'Soulja Boy has grown, he's developed, he's matured, and he's going places.'

Soulja Boy Says He's Glad 50 Cent's Got His Back

Fif has defended the young MC, and '50 don't mess with no rappers,' Soulja says on 'RapFix Live.'

Soulja Boy Recalls Meeting Dr. Dre, Dubs Himself 'Lil' Dre'

'I was in shock at what he was saying,' young MC tells Sway during 'RapFix Live.'

Soulja Boy Tell'em 'Got Back On My Production' For DeAndre Way

'Pretty Boy Swag' MC returns to 'Rapfix Live' this Thursday.

50 Cent, Soulja Boy Reveal Mutual Admiration In XXL

'If I had the wish to be another artist ... it would be Soulja Boy,' Fif says.

Soulja Boy Says Media Rumor Mill 'Can Get Scary'

'I never thought about having to deal with or trying to fight a lie,' the MC says of negative press coverage.

Soulja Boy Remembers Vegas VMAs On 'When I Was 17'

Jay Sean and Kristin Chenoweth also reminisce on this week's episode.

Fabolous Talks Soulja Boy Twitter Drama

'I know when I say things ... people may take it out of context,' Fab says on 'RapFix Live.'

Fabolous And Soulja Boy End Twitter Back-And-Forth

Loso aimed one of his signature trending topics at 'Pretty Boy Swag' MC.

Soulja Boy Tell'em Plans 'Teenage Millionaire' Book

Covering his experiences in the music industry, book will be released in conjunction with Soulja Boy's album The DeAndre Way.

Soulja Boy Tell'em Calls Justin Bieber's YouTube Game 'Crazy'

'For him to be younger than me and have that amount of people tune in to him,' he says on 'RapFix Live.'

Soulja Boy Says Kanye West Complimented His 'Dope-Ass Bars'

SB has also found a fan in Gucci Mane, he tells MTV News' Sway during 'RapFix Live.'

Soulja Boy Tell'em Will Answer Fans' Questions On 'RapFix Live'

MC Lloyd Banks also recorded a question for Soulja Boy to answer via MTV's live stream this Thursday.

Soulja Boy Tell'em Set To Star In Nick Cannon-Penned Flick

Rapper reveals production will start in November, dreams of future biopic.

Soulja Boy Tell'em Prepping Second DeAndre Way Single, 'Speakers Going Hammer'

'The hook is catchy. ... And it's another hit,' Soulja Boy says about the Boi-1da-produced track.