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VMA Pre-Show performers Fifth Harmony surprised a YouTuber meetup for fans of Rebecca Black, Ricky Dillon, jennxpenn, and Andre Russett with the VMA surprise of the century! So bo$$. See what other surprises they'll have on Sunday, August 24, at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT!

Now That Rebecca Black's Conquered 'Friday' And 'Saturday,' Which Day Of The Week Will She Tackle Next? (VIDEO)

Rebecca Black teams up with Dave Days to give Saturday the Friday-style, viral video treatment it deserves. Which day of the week is next on her FUN FUN agenda?

Rebecca Black's 'Saturday:' Recovering From The 'Friday' Hangover

Black's latest viral hit is the sequel to 'Friday,' and, yes, it's everything you'd imagine.

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Watch Rebecca Black cover Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop."

Miley Cyrus' 'We Can't Stop' Gets Cleaned Up By Rebecca Black

Former 'Friday' sensation is back, with a squeaky clean take on Cyrus' salacious hit, in Bigger Than the Sound.

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New video follows in footsteps of 'Friday,' only with fewer mentions of car seats (and days of the week).

Rebecca Black Leaves School After Bullying

'Friday' sensation will now be home-schooled by her mother.

Rebecca Black's 'My Moment' Video: Frame By Frame

'Friday' star takes MTV News behind the scenes of the new clip for her inspirational single.

Rebecca Black Unsure If 'My Moment' Could Top 'Friday'

'I wanted people to able to take me seriously,' YouTube sensation tells MTV News about her inspirational new single.

Rebecca Black Set To Drop New Single, EP

Follow-up to smash 'Friday, titled 'My Moment,' will be released July 18.

Rebecca Black Yanks 'Friday' Vid From YouTube

'We can confirm that we submitted a Take Down Notice to YouTube,' singer's rep confirms to TMZ.