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Ellen Got Tyler Posey Shirtless And Dripping Wet: Check It Out

Tyler Posey and Pink raise money for breast cancer research on "The Ellen Show."

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Pink's Naked Magazine Cover Makes Us All Want To Take Our Clothes Off

Pink reveals all in new Who magazine story -- oh yeah, and she gets naked too. The singer talks about body image and how she hopes to instill those values in her daughter Willow.

Buzz Bites: 'Let It Go' From 'Frozen' Wins The Oscar For Best Original Song

"Let It Go" wins the Oscar for Best Original Song, Thirty Seconds To Mars' Jared Leto wins Best Supporting Actor, Gwen Stefani gives birth to her third son, and more.

Pink's 2014 Academy Awards Performance Was A Total #covermoment

Pink Ditches Acrobatics To Go 'Over The Rainbow' At Oscars

Singer performed 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' in tribute to Judy Garland.

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Pink's 'NSFW' Performance, Ruess' Pornstache At The Grammy Awards

'I support it, even if it's NSFW,' 'Girls' creator Lena Dunham tweets.

Let's Look Back At One Of Our Favorite Grammy Moments & The Greatest #covermoment Ever: Pink's 2010 'Glitter In The Air' Performance

And now, for a Grammy-themed #TBT! Remember when Pink performed "Glitter In The Air" at The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards? And perfected the most flawless #covermoment ever? BECAUSE WE DO!