Offspring, X, Mike Ness To Pay Tribute To Social D Guitarist

Mike Ness Kicks Off Tour By Paying Homage To Country Roots

Social Distortion frontman launches monthlong trek same day second solo album comes out.

Mike Ness Covers Hank Williams, George Jones, Carl Perkins For New Album

Mike Ness Recording All-Covers Album

Mike Ness, frontman of Social Distortion, will release his second solo album in November. The album will consist exclusively of cover songs.

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Everlast, Mike Ness, Willie Nelson Soothe Nerves With Early Sunday Sets

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Mike Ness' 'Cheating at Solitaire'

Mike Ness To Offer Live MP3

Mike Ness, Bob Marley, Lisa Loeb, Tracy Bonham, Murmurs, Ben Harper, Spandau Ballet, Rage Against the Machine, Roni Size...

Social Distortion's Mike Ness Goes Solo On Solitaire

Bruce Springsteen, Brian Setzer guest on breakaway album, Cheating At Solitaire.

Social D's Mike Ness Sets Dates For Spring Tour