New HBO Documentary 'Sinatra: All Or Nothing At All' Features Never-Before-Seen Footage

HBO is producing a new Frank Sinatra documentary featuring never-before-seen footage from the legend's life.

Usher Stands Far Above Competition With Second Chart-Topping Debut

Here I Stand sells almost 443,000 copies; 'Sex and the City' soundtrack opens at #2.

George Clooney: The New Frank Sinatra? Discuss, In Rewind

Since Clooney is so comfortable as Danny Ocean, what other Ol' Blue Eyes roles could he take on?

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J. Lo Steps Back, Enrique Iglesias Leaps Forward On Billboard 200

Escape surges into top 10 as sales climb overall.

Dylan, Stones, Sinatra On 'Sopranos' Soundtrack

Second CD from acclaimed mob series also features Kinks, R.L. Burnside, Elvis Costello, actor Dominic Chianese.

Celine Dion Home Video To Feature Sinatra Duet

Jazz Beat: Poncho Sanchez, Frank Sinatra, Ken Burns ...

Sanchez, Richie Cole, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, many others playing free at San Jose Jazz Festival.

First Sinatra Record Reportedly Unearthed

Aluminum disc from 1930s could be famed singer's first recording.

Song Plugger Juggy Gayles Dies

Promoter of Frank Sinatra, Nat 'King' Cole tunes was 86.

Sting, Elton, Joel Do It Sinatra's Way

Rockers croon late pop idol's tunes at Rainforest Foundation benefit.

Live Sinatra, Martin, Davis Disc Due

'98's Best: 'Chairman Of The Board' Frank Sinatra Dead At 82

The original teen-age heart-throb suffered a fatal heart attack in Los Angeles.

Sinatra Wins Trumpet Award

Frank Sinatra FBI Files Probed Alleged Mob Ties, Draft-Dodging

Thousands of pages of documents dating back 50 years fail to affirm criminal wrongdoing.

FBI Opens Sinatra Files

Frank Sinatra, Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix, Jewel, Bushwick Bill, Yoko Ono...

More Sinatra Albums Re-Released

Sinatra's Widow Robbed In Beverly Hills, Calif.

Frank Sinatra, Wyclef Jean, The Artist, Curtis Mayfield, Muffs, No Doubt, Red Hot Chili Peppers...

All-Star Frank Sinatra Tribute Album Due For Release

Dylan, Springsteen Attend Sinatra Funeral

Sinatra Death Triggers Jump In Singer's Record Sales

Stores coast to coast struggling to keep Ol' Blue Eyes in stock.

How did the passing of Frank Sinatra affect you?

Sinatra Memorialized In Hometown Service

More than 1,000 mourners gather to remember the late Frank Sinatra and to sing his signature tune 'My Way.'

Bono, Mariah, Others Mourn Sinatra As Funeral Plans Announced