Fetty Wap Is Nostalgic As Hell On New Cheat Codes Collab 'Feels Great'

There's a severe lack of '1738' callouts though

Nicki Minaj Laughs In The Face Of Basic Bitches On New Fetty Wap Song

‘I only respect them hoes that own they own plane’

Fetty Wap’s ‘Island On My Chain’ Video Will Make You So Excited For Payday

Fetty Wap flashes his riches in the new 'Island On My Chain' video

Fetty Wap Is Being Sued Over ‘Trap Queen’

Fetty Wap is facing a lawsuit over his smash single "Trap Queen."

Fetty Wap’s New Song Reflects On His Life Before ‘Trap Queen’

Fetty Wap reflects on how much his life has changed on his new song "Different Now."

Fetty Wap Just Met One Of His Favorite Rappers: ‘Life Goals — I’m Done’

And even shared the stage with him.

Geeked Up: Life’s Fleeting Pleasures

Hip-hop to lighten your grind, seduce you with foreign tongues, and maybe even save your relationship.

Fetty Wap Brings A Stripper Pole To His Old High School For 'Wake Up' Video

Fetty Wap releases the music video for "Wake Up," the first single off of his upcoming sophomore album.

Fetty Wap Would Kindly Like To Stick Four More Songs In Your Head

Fetty Wap drops two new songs, including "Westside," featuring Snoop Dogg, and "My Environment."

That Wedding Singer From Old School And The Hangover Is Back -- In Kid Ink And Fetty Wap's New Video

Kid Ink and Fetty Wap release their "Promise" video, with an appearance from the wedding singer from Old School and The Hangover.

Kid Ink And Fetty Wap Take Us Behind-The-Scenes Of Their 'Promise' Video Shoot

Kid Ink And Fetty Wap take us behind the scenes of the 'Promise' video.

Fetty Wap Inspires 11-Year-Old Fan To Remove His Prosthetic Eye — See Their Cute Meet-Up

Fetty Wap met the 11-year-old fan whom he inspired to face the world without a prosthetic eye.

Fetty Wap Explains Why You'll Never See A Gun In His Videos

In a revealing interview with Trevor Noah, Fetty Wap explained why you won't see guns in his videos.

Fetty Wap's Latest Catchy Song Is Dedicated To 'Bikes Up, Guns Down'

Fetty Wap drops a new song, "Go Hard Boyz (Banshee)," and a Zoo Gang mixtape, ZOO 16: The Mixtape.

Justin Bieber And Kendall Jenner Strip Down For New Calvin Klein Ads

Calvin Klein has tapped Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Kendrick Lamar and more celebs for its spring 2016 underwear ads.

Watch Fetty Wap And Monty's Christmas Hug And Then Go Hug Your Best Friend Immediately

Fetty Wap got Monty a BMW for Christmas, and the two friends warmly embraced after the exchange.

Fetty Wap Just Dropped A Holiday Classic -- Now I Demand A Christmas Album

Fetty Wap dropped a new song called "Merry Xmas"

This Lucky 13-Year-Old Had Fetty Wap Play His Bar Mitzvah

Fetty can't dance just yet, but he can still perform at Bar Mitzvahs.

'Love & Hip-Hop' Star Says She's Going To Have Fetty Wap's Baby And He Doesn't Sound Too Happy

"Love & Hip-Hop's" Masika Kalysha says she's having Fetty Wap's child. Then, he reportedly insults her.

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