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Robot Invasion: Daft Punk Win Album And Record Of The Year Grammy

Collaborator Paul Williams accepted the night's biggest honor on behalf of the French duo, who took home five awards during the telecast.

Did Pharrell's New Hat Outshine Daft Punk's Helmets At The Grammys?

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Skylar Grey Gets Really, Really, Really Ridiculously Lucky In Her Daft Punk Cover Video

Skylar Grey gets really, really lucky in her cover video of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky." Watch her win a game show, hit only green lights, and more.

Daft Punk Drop Disco-Tinged 'Lose Yourself To Dance' Video With Pharrell

They gave us a tease of the Random Access Memories clip at the VMAs, now they're letting it all hang out.

Daft Punk Lay Down The Boogie With Pharrell And Nile Rodgers In Their Full-Length 'Lose Yourself To Dance' Video

Daft Punk slow down the boogie in their "Lose Yourself To Dance" video starring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers.

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Miley, Robin Thicke Are Bringing Summer Smashes To The VMAs!

Cyrus and Thicke will perform at the 2013 show, and they're going head-to-head in a brand-new VMA category!

Daft Punk To Appear On 'The Colbert Report'

Comedy Central confirms the dynamic duo will appear on Tuesday night's episode of the 'Report.'

Exclusive: Daft Punk And Durex Have Not Hooked Up

Condom company values 'sweet music' and 'good sex,' but has no official ties to the be-helmeted band.