New Releases: 'Arthur' Soundtrack, Green Day, Autumn Defense & More

Also due Tuesday: 7000 Dying Rats, Chumbawamba, Ron Sexsmith, Sloan, PoPo, Hyphy Hitz.

In Stores Now And Coming Soon: New Albums By Papa Roach, Wyclef Jean, Jerry Cantrell, Paulina Rubio & More

Anarchism, Activism & Shoplifting — Chumbawamba Say 'Sod Off'

British collective shows documentary, plans new album for next year.

Chumbawamba Distribute Free Anti-Fascist Single In Austria

'Enough Is Enough' protests recent rise of power by far-right faction.

Chumbawamba, The Bee Gees To Trade Covers

Chumbawamba 'Not Sorry' About Eclectic New Album

Anarchist collective's latest LP, WYSIWYG, attacks commercialism, materialism with mishmash of musical styles.

Pink, Chumbawamba Top Release List

UK boy band Westlife's self-titled debut also will hit stores this week.

QOTD Results: Have Chumbawamba Gone Too Far This Time?

A sizeable majority of readers thinks they have.

Chumbawamba To Bono, Love, Ally McBeal: Drop Dead

Political rockers apparently consign prominent passengers on 'Doomed Flight #1721' to plane crash death.

Chumbawamba Set Date For Album

The first single is 'She's Got All the Friends.'

Chumbawamba Returning With New Album, Bassist

Chumbawamba Plan To Stray From Tubthumper For Next LP

After success of 1997 album, political punk-pop band intends to keep up the attitude but change the approach.

Chumbawamba Get Up Again For Mumia Benefit

English political punk-pop band to address plight of death-row inmate with London concert.

Chumbawamba In Abu-Jamal Benefit

Chumbawamba's Nutter Takes Break After Injuries

A series of injuries forces singer of politico-dance octet to take time out from European tour.

Chumbawamba Singer Recovering From Injuries

Chumbawamba, Chemical Brothers, Men At Work, The Verve, Bruce Springsteen…

Chumbawamba's Nutter Gets Roughed Up On Tour

Chumbawamba Serenade In The Name Of Gay Pride

Thousands attending a rally in front of San Francisco's City Hall on Sunday got a surprise dose of the English anarchist rockers.

Candidate Says Chumbawamba Part Of "Political Experiment"

Chumbawamba Gives Stamp Of Disapproval To "Tubthumping" Politician

Brit Rockers For Dockers With Benefit CD

Latest Chumbawamba Single Hits Stores

Chumbawamba, Foo Fighters, Indigo Girls, David Byrne To Play Atlanta Music Fest

Chumbawamba, Indigo Girls, Sinead O'Connor To Play Fleadh Fest