BT To Score, Appear In Upcoming Films

Producer will oversee music for remake of 'Rollerball,' featuring LL Cool J.

BT To Score, Appear In "Rollerball," "Redline" Films

BT Drops Beats With Doughty, Plans Time With Gabriel

Dance Beat: BT, Paul Oakenfold, Chicks On Speed ...

Organizers of upcoming California dance event expect 80,000 to see BT and Paul Oakenfold.

BT, M. Doughty "Come Down" For DJ Rap, Revelations

BT Produces Wide Range Of Styles On Third Album

Trance pioneer experiments with hip-hop, rock, even vocals.

BT, Sasha Produce Re'verb' Together

Top trance DJ/producers collaborate on album for Peter Gabriel's Real World label.

BT To Play Seven U.S. Dates

Trance DJ will perform in four Florida cities in support of upcoming second album.

M. Doughty, DJ Rap On Upcoming BT Album

Sasha, Paul van Dyk also appear on Maryland-bred DJ's follow-up to 1997 debut, ESCM.

BT Releasing New Single In October

BT Goes Under Hypnosis To Find Misplaced Tracks

Electronica artist searches his psyche to locate hard-drive containing song for his forthcoming album.

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