Better Than Ezra 'Honored' By Taylor Swift's Performance Of 'Breathless' At Haiti Telethon

'Obviously, we were thrilled when she performed 'Breathless,' ' Better Than Ezra's Kevin Griffin said of Swift's cover of the band's song at 'Hope for Haiti Now.'

Adam Lambert Songwriter Says Debut Mixes Fall Out Boy, Kylie Minogue

'You'd mash that together and put some mascara on it,' Better Than Ezra's Kevin Griffin tells MTV News.

U2, Avril, Coldplay, Pearl Jam Do It For The Lady

Album will benefit imprisoned humanitarian Aung San Suu Kyi.

Usher, Jagged Edge, Mandy Moore To Play Teen Pageant

Better Than Ezra also on bill designed to 'reflect the diverse tastes of today's teens.'

Better Than Ezra Get 'Ordinary' With AC/DC-Inspired Single

Band readies release of fourth album, due August 7.

'Schoolhouse Rock' Creator Dies

Thomas G. Yohe, 63, came up with idea for animated series that blended educational messages with pop.

Better Than Ezra's Kevin Griffin

Better Than Ezra To Get Imprisoned For Planned Tour Film

Better Than Ezra Discuss Ex-Drummer's Legal Suits

Better Than Ezra's Kevin Griffin

Better Than Ezra Plant New Seeds On Garden

The guitar-powered trio's third album reveals an array of diverse influences, from Björk to Brazilian pop.

You Say It's Your Birthday: Better Than Ezra's Tom Drummond