You Say It's Your Birthday: Timbuk3's Pat MacDonald

Today is the 43rd birthday of Timbuk3 guitarist and vocalist Pat MacDonald, who was born in Green Bay, Wisc. Timbuk3's funky blend of "found" music, rock, country and boombox beats have long remained a unique part of the band's sound, and contributed to their biggest hit, "The Future's So Bright (I Gotta Wear Shades)." MacDonald and his wife, Barbara K., are at the core of Timbuk3; sometimes they're backed only by a ghetto blaster drumbeat, other times they've worked with live musicians as with 1991's Big Shot In The Dark.

Their debut came in 1986 with Greetings from Timbuk3. Most

dismissed the duo as a novelty act, but their talent and songwriting ability

has allowed them to continue making albums. MacDonald's lyrics are often

dire, but fueled with a particularly dry wit, as with tracks such as "Mudflap

Girl" or "A Hundred Lovers," the title track from their 1995 release.

MacDonald ventured into solo territory this year, releasing Pat MacDonald

Sleeps With His Guitar to almost no attention whatsoever.

Other birthdays: the late Andy Warhol, Issac Hayes, Mike Elliot

(Foundations), Randy DeBarge (DeBarge), Joyce Sims and actress Soleil Moon Frye.