M. Doughty, DJ Rap On Upcoming BT Album

Sasha, Paul van Dyk also appear on Maryland-bred DJ's follow-up to 1997 debut, ESCM.

Maryland-bred DJ BT, who has worked

with such pop icons as Madonna,

Tori Amos, Sarah

McLachlan and Seal, has

enlisted several emerging artists to appear on his upcoming Movement

in Still Life (June 6).

The album will feature former Soul Coughing

frontman M. Doughty, DJ

Rap, Sasha and

COLOR="#003163">Paul van Dyk. It follows his 1997 debut,

ESCM, which featured the single, "Remember"


excerpt), and introduced BT as a mastermind of many genres,

including drum & bass, breakbeat and contemporary rock.

BT (born Brian Transeau) has spent the past two years recording the album,

which mixes elements of deep house and trance.

Movement in Still Life contains an album version of the 1997 #1

Billboard Dance Chart hit "Godspeed," along with the first commercial

single, "Never Gonna Come Back Down," which includes beat poetry provided

by Doughty.

The record also marks the debut of BT's vocals, heard on the songs "Shame"

and "Satellite." Opus 3's

COLOR="#003163">Kirsty Hawkshaw sings on the early underground

single "Dreaming."

Coinciding with the release of Movement in Still Life, BT will

mount an extensive tour that will include a four-piece band, his label

confirmed. The group will debut at the Winter Music Conference in Miami

on Monday. No other dates have been announced.

Nettwerk Records said a limited-edition bonus disc will be included in

early copies of Movement in Still Life that will contain hard-to-find

mixes and collaborations with BT's pals, such as Sasha and van Dyk.

The 28-year-old BT also can be heard on the upcoming soundtrack to "Under

Suspicion," a film starring Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman. A release

date has not been announced.

In addition, BT has scored the soundtracks to "Go" and Sony PlayStation's

"Die Hard," and contributed one song to "Twister." Along with

Peter Gabriel, he created the music

for London's "Millennium Dome" New Year's Eve celebration.

After getting his start as a house DJ in Maryland clubs, BT signed to

Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto label in

1995. With his first commercial single, "Ima," he helped define the genre

known as trance.