Ozzfest '99 Caught On Film

Movie will premiere next year on a six-week tour that also will include performances by three bands.

The 1999 edition of the Ozzfest heavy-metal tour will be immortalized in a movie by director Penelope Spheeris, who previously chronicled rock 'n' roll absurdity in the comedy "Wayne's World" and her two-part punk/metal documentary "The Decline of Western Civilization."

The movie will premiere next year on a six-week tour that also will include performances by three bands, according to Eddie Williamson, a spokesperson for tour founder Ozzy Osbourne's management company. The tour most likely will begin in March, Williamson said.

"People are going to be standing up, rocking out [while they're] watching the movie," Williamson promised.

The movie will "capture all that is ... Ozzfest: the people, the music, the excitement, the chaos," according to an announcement from Osbourne's management company.

Spheeris and her crew filmed concert and backstage footage during half, and maybe more, of the shows on the summer tour, according to Williamson.

Ozzfest '99 was billed as the tour that would feature some of the last performances by headliners Black Sabbath, Osbourne's band. Black Sabbath played such classics as "Iron Man" (RealAudio excerpt of live version) on the outing, which also featured rock trio Primus, industrial act Rob Zombie and heavy-metal artists the Deftones, Slayer, Godsmack and System of a Down.

As Spheeris finishes editing the movie, Osbourne's management is soliciting suggestions from fans for its title in an e-mail sent to a fan mailing list. The e-mail invites fans to send potential titles to ozzy@artistdirect.com.

Fans on the alt.music.black-sabbath newsgroup have already obliged with potential titles, with suggestions including "Let the Madness Begin," "Go Fucking Crazy, You Fuckers," "God Bless You All" and "TUMM ... The Ultimate Madness Movie."

Whatever its title, the Ozzfest film promises to be more than a standard concert flick. It will document "the nitty-gritty world of the concert business ... the parking-lot parties, and every imaginable stripe of the Ozzfest cast of characters," according to the e-mailed announcement.

The movie also will include backstage interviews with the Ozzfest '99 bands, as well as extensive footage of fans, Williamson said.

Spheeris has filmed Osbourne before; her 1988 documentary, "The Decline of Western Civilization Part Two — The Metal Years," memorably captured the heavy-metal icon making himself a bacon breakfast.

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