GNR, Bizkit, Korn, Eminem On Sci-Fi Soundtrack

Everlast also contributes to fresh rock-rap mix on score for forthcoming Schwarzenegger flick 'End of Days.'

In addition to the first new Guns n' Roses song in eight years, the soundtrack to the upcoming sci-fi movie "End of Days" will contain fresh material from Limp Bizkit, Korn, Everlast and Eminem — each offering their individual versions of rock-meets-rap.

The soundtrack is expected to hit stores Nov. 9, two weeks and a day before the theatrical release of "End of Days," starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a former cop who faces an evil spirit on the eve of the millennium. The disc also will feature previously released material from techno stars the Prodigy ("Poison") and rockers Powerman 5000 ("Nobody's Real") (RealAudio excerpt) and Sonic Youth ("Sugar Kane") (RealAudio excerpt).

Included as well is a version of Rob Zombie's "Superbeast," remixed by Nine Inch Nails keyboardist/drummer Charlie Clouser. Rockers Creed will turn up with "Wrong Way," which appears on Human Clay, their just-released LP. Additionally, up-and-coming hard-rockers Professional Murder Music contribute the song "Slow," while pop-rockers Stroke appear with "I Wish I Had."

Thrash-rap rockers Korn will offer the new tune "Camel Song." Limp Bizkit's contribution, "Crushed," was recently recorded by frontman Fred Durst and DJ Lethal in Chicago, according to Durst's assistant, Deborah DeYoung.

The song has "a hard rhythm and deep lyrics" and "sounds like something that could have been on [Limp Bizkit's latest album,] Significant Other, but it's more infectious," DeYoung said. "It's one of those that sticks in your head."

Bluesy hip-hopper Everlast provides "So Long," which marks the former House of Pain leader's first collaboration with Nine Inch Nails guitarist Danny Lohner.

The pair recorded the track a year ago in New Orleans, according to Corey Wagner, a representative in Everlast's management office. Wagner, who said "So Long" has a "NIN vibe with an Everlast feel," said Everlast decided to contribute the track "after Geffen and [label president] Jordan Schur came to us with true passion to have it on the soundtrack." The song, initially titled "I Think I'm Gonna Die Today," recently was completed in Los Angeles.

Eminem appears with "Bad Influence," which the rapper recorded during the sessions for his breakthrough album, The Slim Shady LP, according to his producer, Mark Bass of FBT Productions. "It's about people calling him a bad influence," Bass said, adding with a laugh, "He is." Bass described the track as a "guitar-oriented hip-hop rock record."

"It's a heavy-aggression, balls-to-the-wall record — perfect for Arnold," Bass said, adding that the track fits in with the rest of the soundtrack's artists "because it's in that same genre of stuff."

"Bad Influence" also will appear on Eminem's still-untitled upcoming album, along with such tracks as "Kim," a prequel to the Slim Shady song "97' Bonnie & Clyde," and "Stan," a song about an obsessed fan. Eminem, who is on tour in Europe, has about a week left of recording on the LP, Bass said.

Hard-rockers Guns n' Roses will make their long-awaited return with "Oh My God," a rock song whose production offers the sheen of electronica, with leader Axl Rose's vocals saturated in effects. A portion of the song premiered in a commercial for "End of Days" in September.

The number also is expected to appear on the next Guns n' Roses album, which so far has no title or release date.