Kane And Abel Trial Moved To November

The drug-trafficking trial of identical-twin rappers Kane and Abel,

originally scheduled to begin Monday (Aug. 30), has been reset for Nov.

15, according to the clerk's office at the U.S. District Court in New

Orleans. District Court Judge Farah S. Vance granted the rappers' motion

to continue the case earlier this month, rescheduling the trial date and

assigning them a Nov. 4 pretrial conference hearing. The 22-year-old MCs

(born David and Daniel Garcia) pleaded not guilty in May to charges of

conspiracy to possess cocaine with intent to distribute. They claim

prosecutors indicted them because they didn't offer any information that

would incriminate No Limit label chief Master P. "A lot of the

powers that be ... can't accept the fact that these young black men with

gold teeth rapping about [ghetto life] are actually running legitimate

multimillion-dollar businesses," Abel said Friday.