Kool Keith

"People in the street look at me like I'm an alien or something, like I'm unapproachable.

It's because I'm so distinctive. People think, 'This guy must be on drugs, his creativity is

so obnoxious and different and distinctive and it's fast ... it's outspoken — this guy

doesn't care, he must be off.' I get off on it really, it's energy. I get off on being different.

Anybody can get a Rolex watch, anybody can wear a ring, anybody can buy a platinum

chain ... anybody can wear sneakers, anybody can pose in a B-boy stance. But a lot of

things I do nobody can. I may walk onstage in my underwear. I might wear a wig on

national TV. I might go on 'Regis and Kathy' with a wig on. A lot of people can't do the

stuff I do." — Kool Keith, rapper