Courtney Love, Michael Stipe Talk Movies And Music

Hole leader and R.E.M. frontman tell British press of possible collaboration.

Hole leader Courtney Love has announced plans to start a film production company in the coming year, to advance her own cinematic vision.

In a joint interview in the current issue of the British music magazine NME with R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe, whose own production company recently released the glam and glitter flick "Velvet Goldmine," Love revealed the plan as the two singers talked film and rock.

"I wanna alter the skyline. I'm interested in that and I admit it," Love said. "This year, myself and a partner are going to start a production company as well, not so much for projects for me to act in, but more based on the model of what he's doing, what [actress] Drew Barrymore's doing, what [actor] Danny DeVito's doing."

Stipe and Love acknowledged that they have had discussions regarding a possible collaboration, in either film or music, but Stipe cautioned, "You have to be really patient."

Interviewed together at Love's home in the Hollywood hills, the singers expressed mutual admiration for each other's work, with Love recounting her oft-told tale of being booted from the rock bands Babes In Toyland and Faith No More for being too much of an R.E.M. fan. Stipe and Love's ex-husband and Nirvana leader, the late Kurt Cobain, also shared a mutual admiration.

Love referred to "Kurt and Courtney," a documentary released last year by British filmmaker Nick Broomfield that portrayed her in a decidedly unflattering light.

"We've never discussed this but did you know that in that really gross, sleazy documentary there's a thing where an ex-boyfriend of mine reads a list I made and #1 on the list is make friends with you?! How genius is that?!" Love said. "Someone was telling me that there's some poetry in there too but that's fake. I would never write poetry that ridiculous. But I loved that meeting you was #1 on my list."

"Man on the Moon," an upcoming movie about the life of the late pioneering comedian Andy Kaufman, features Love in an acting role and takes its title from an R.E.M. song of the same name.

Stipe predicted fans will easily see how he was influenced by Kaufman, after the film is released later this year.

"I've always said I stole so much from Patti Smith and nobody's ever commented on it, but maybe when the movie comes out, people will see that I've stolen even more from Andy Kaufman," Stipe said.

Love raved about working with director Milos Forman on the film, comparing his demeanor and personality to Stipe's.

"It's the sweetness and lack of bitterness that he has -- it's insane. He's very much like Michael," Love said. "And it's amazing because they're the two men that just see me for me and then give me myself back ... from the editors that took me away from myself when I was too inexperienced or didn't have enough character and became reactive and started to believe that's who I was."

Despite all the film talk, both Love and Stipe showed themselves to still be avid music fans. Love listed recent albums by Remy Zero, Garbage and Massive Attack as current favorites, while Stipe endorsed Hole's Celebrity Skin -- which includes the single "Malibu" (RealAudio excerpt) -- and the new Mogwai remix record, Kicking a Dead Pig.