Connells' Singer's Recovery Stops Tour

Cover art from the group's Weird Food & Devastation.

The current Connells tour is starting to eerily resemble R.E.M.'s famed


"hospital" tour, during which three members ended up on a gurney at one


or another.

The Connells' label, TVT, announced on Wednesday (April 16)

that the group's recently rescheduled dates (originally canceled due to

vocalist Doug MacMillan's bout of Diverticulitis and subsequent surgery),


been indefinitely postponed due to a longer-than-expected recovery time


MacMillan's surgery.

The singer has been resting in his Raleigh, North

Carolina home, unable to resume his singing duties due to a

temporarily-limited vocal range as a result of diminished lung capacity.

Meanwhile, the rest of the band are slated to begin work on the follow-up

to 1996's Weird Food & Devastation, which, to finish the R.E.M.


featured a song, "Maybe," mixed by veteran R.E.M. producer Scott Litt.