Courtney Love To Sell Cobain House

"I have a nice house, but I can't live there," says Love.

Courtney Love, ah, how me miss the old you. Whereas once it was all

she could do to keep her dress on to get the attention she craved, Ms. Love has

tired of the red-hot spotlight, and the ceaseless pilgrimages, and announced

that she plans to decamp from the home she shared with her late husband, Kurt


Love reportedly told the London newspaper, the Sunday

Independent, that she is planning to sell the Lake Washington mansion she

bought with Cobain in 1993, due to the constant traffic of kids on pilgrimages

to the Nirvana leader's house. Love told the paper, "I have a nice house, but I

can't live there. Kids [are] everywhere all the time."

Love also alluded

to the move for the sake of her and Cobain's child, Frances Bean, of whom she

said, "I have a child who didn't do anything, and I love waking up and seeing

the mountains. That's my big heartbreak."

This comes after Love had the

greenhouse where Cobain committed suicide bulldozed last year thinking it would

dissuade gawkers. Love already reportedly begged off previous offers to sell

the house, including one to a group of wealthy Japanese businessmen who were

interested in the property several years ago.

"They were never going to

live there," Love told the London paper of what she suspected their motives

were. "They just wanted it. As what? A museum? Kurt wanted me to stay here, or

he would not have done it in the greenhouse."

Love is said to be

considering a move to her adopted city of Los Angeles and the purchase of a

horse farm in Olympia, Washington.