Kerrang! Readers Love Korn

Not the "Most Shaggable Bloke?" What were those youngsters thinking?

Readers of the metal mag Kerrang! have voted Korn's Life is

Peachy as Best Album of the Year (the year being '96, natch) and lead

growler Jonathan Davis as Best Dressed Rock Star, although the band did place

second behind Metallica in Best Band category and, not surprisingly, behind

Marilyn Manson in the Hype of '96 horse race.

However, we just don't know

what to make of the "Most Shaggable Bloke" contest, in which singer Davis had

to step aside for the man with the worst hair in New Jersey (and that's no

joke), Jon Bon Jovi. Had there been a category for Best Approximation of a

Singer Gargling with Broken Glass, Davis, who had to bow out of two recent

shows in Sweden because of a trashed voice, would surely have taken that one

hands down.