Electronica Soundtrack For City Of Industry

Tricky's "Overcome" appears on City of Industry soundtrack.

As far as John Irvin (Dogs of War, A Month By the

Lake) is concerned, electronica is the sound of the City. In his new film

noir, City of Industry (March 7, soundtrack Mar. 11), Irvin uses the

dark sounds of the electronic ether to guide his central characters--Harvey

Keitel, Stephen Dorff, Timothy Hutton and Famke Janssen--through their dramatic

paces, with the help of soundtrack compiler Jason Bentley (Pop Fiction).

The 10-song soundtrack album contains unreleased/previously unavailable

mixes from Lush ("Last Night"), Bomb the Bass and Justin Warfield ("Bug Powder

Dust") and Butter 08 ("Degobrah"). Also included in the collection are tracks

from Massive Attack ("Three"), Tricky ("Overcome"), Death in Vegas ("Rocco

Sings for a Drink"), Palm Skin Productions ("Walking Through Water"), Lionrock

("Call A Cab"), Photek ("The Hidden Camera") and Mr. Jones ("Red").