Yawn, Oasis' Liam Gallagher Not Yet Hitched

Now about that next album, Liam... Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

Before we were even able to report that he was finally

getting married, Oasis bad boy Liam Gallagher called the whole thing off.

Gallagher, fed up with the media frenzy surrounding his allegedly impending

nuptials with fiancee/actress Patsy Kensit, which were to have taken place on

Monday (Feb. 10), canceled the event at the last minute and lashed out at the

media, according to a Reuter story.

A statement from Oasis' English

record company (which seems to spend mucho time announcing the band's non-music

activities), released on Mon. read: "Contrary to media speculation, Liam

Gallagher will not be marrying Ms Patsy Kensit today. Obsessive and intrusive

media attention has removed any dignity from what was to be a private and

special occasion."

Although the venue for the blessed event was tantamount

to a state secret, reporters had reportedly settled in around the couple's

North London home and an undetected escape seemed unlikely. If and when the

event does take place, it will be the first marriage for Liam, 24 and the third

for Kensit, 28, who has a child with former husband, Simple Minds singer Jim

Kerr and who prior to that was married to a member of Big Audio Dynamite.

Although tabloid photographers reportedly outnumbered the dripping fans

twice over, it was the small cluster of superfans that walked away from

Monday's non-ceremony with a memento. A small group of fans who spent hours in

the cold rain were handed bouquets of white lilies that were to have been used

at the called-off wedding ceremony as some sort of weird consolation


It seems someone spotted the furious activity around what was to

have been the reception area, including early morning deliveries of 25 crates

of champagne, numerous boxes of wine and $2,000 worth of lilies, all of which

was removed just hours later. An employee of the flower shop then reportedly

took pity on the fans and handed out the bouquets. Word has it these Gallagher

brothers used to be in a band or something.