Cool Rockin' Album Comin' From L7

L7 when they played Lollapalooza in '94. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

L7's next album is complete. Titled The Beauty Process:

Triple Platinum, the album is the group's first since the departure of

bassist Jennifer Finch. L7 members Donita Sparks and Suzi Gardner traded off

laying down the bass tracks, along with their friend Greta Brinkman; former

Belly bassist Gail Greenwood has subsequently joined the band.

Produced by

Rob Cavallo (the man behind the boards for Green Day's smash Dookie),

along with Joe Barresi and L7, The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum

features 12 tracks: "The Beauty Process," "Drama," "Off The Wagon," "I Need,"

"Moonshine," "Bitter Wine," "The Masses Are Asses," "Bad Things," "Must Have

More," "Non-Existent Patricia," "Me, Myself & I," and "Lorenza, Glada,


Absolute knockout is the heavily rhythmic "I Need," which

rumbles along like some huge juggernaut. The album will be released on Feb. 25.

And, yes, the group will be touring.