The Foremen Take Shot At Phil Graham

Phil Gramm, shown here indicating the maximum size of his sexual organ.

Yes, that is the ugly mug of Senator Phil Gramm of Texas

on the cover of the new version of "Ain't No Liberal" from '90s folk combo, The

Foremen. And placing Gramm on the cover is quite appropriate. This jerk boasts

that he has a perfect pro-life voting record. That means he would want

abortion to

be illegal. Here's the Austin-American Statesman writing about him:

"Gramm opposes abortions and gun control and supports voluntary prayer in

schools. He wants welfare programs to undergo radical surgery, and he is a

strong proponent of tougher treatment of criminals. Gramm does not waver. He

always is clear. He always is quick with answers. There are no gray positions

in his world, no areas of indecision." The Foremen will be entering the studio

in a month or so to record a new album; their last was Folk Heroes. The

next album will be produced by Andy Paley and Jim Ed Norman. In mid-February

The Foremen will play the World Folk Music Association folk festival in