Lou On Sex

Reprise Records president, Howie Klein called the ATN offices today to tell

us about the panel "Sex And Violence In Music And Video: Can Free Speech Go

Too Far" he moderated at the CMJ which featured Lou Reed, Rock and Roll

Confidential publisher and ATN columnist Dave Marsh, Bill Steffany

co-producer of Public Enemy, and Krist Novoselic, former bass player for

Nirvana and founder of JAMPAC--an organization formed to fight censorship in

the music industry. The highlight of the panel was when Reed read the lyrics

of a song titled "Sex With Your Parents" from his forthcoming record which is

due out early next year. According to Marsh, the song is one of Reed's great

ones, as well as being a great anti-censorship statement. "About half way

through the song, I realized what the punch line was. Believe me Lou really

called these motherfuckers what they deserved to be called...motherfuckers,"

said Marsh. The panel got really heated at times according to both Klein and

Marsh, especially when an ardent feminist showed up from the Village

Voice and took very vocal and delayed umbrage for her sex over the

misogyny in "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-Lot .

A preview of new Lou will be included on the soundtrack for Blue In Your

Face the follow-up to this spring's critical smash Smoke, which is

due out on September 19. Reed does a song titled "Egg Cream" which is really

about buying egg creams in Brooklyn, where Reed was born. But it's vintage,

damaged Lou Reed, telling his audience how much better it is to swill the

innocent concoction than be pissed on, or beaten up in the streets of New

York. David Bryne, former Talking Head, also contributed two cuts to the