Truly Are Truly Great

Cranked the advance of Truly's debut album, Fast Stories...From Kid

Coma way past 11 and we've literally been in a coma. This is the

great psychedelic hard rock rush of the year. "Blue Flame Ford,"

opening track, is simply awesome. This band has a raw intensity

combined with a surreal musical sensibility that at once brings to

mind drug-induced tripping circa 1965 and '90s angst. The group is

comprised of bassist Hiro Yamamoto, who co-founded Soundgarden, Mark

Pickerel, a former drummer for Screaming Trees and

singer/guitarist/songwriter Robert Roth, once of Storybook Krooks.

They released several Sub Pop EPs, appeared on the Lollapalooza second

stage two years running and had one of their songs, "Heart and Lungs"

show up in Singles. Oh yeah, they co-wrote some songs with Jim

Carroll. We know all of this cause we actually read the Capitol

Records bio that accompanied the CD. (Yeah, yeah, we do know how to

read). The group is touring the West Coast prior to the release of the

album on June 20.

Tour Dates

June 8, San Rafael, New George's

June 9, Santa Cruz, Cafe This

June 10, Bakersfield, The Underground

June 11, Las Vegas, Shark Club

June 14, Los Angeles, Dragonfly

June 15, Los Angeles, Spaceland/ Strobe Anniversary

June 16, San Diego, Dreamstreet

June 19, Santa Barbara, The Underground

June 20, San Francisco, Bottom of the Hill