'South Park' Soundtrack Due

The long-awaited soundtrack to the popular cartoon series "South Park," Chef Aid:

The South Park Album, is due in stores Nov. 24. Among the tracks are several

featuring veteran soul-singer Isaac Hayes (who provides the voice of the show's

Chef character), including "Chocolate Salty Balls," "Simultaneous," "No Substitute" and

"Tonight is Right for Love," a duet between Hayes and Meatloaf. The final track

listing includes: "Kenny's Dead" (Master P); "Hot Lava" (Perry Farrell

and D.V.D.A.); "Wake Up Wendy" (Elton John with lyrics by Bernie

Taupin); "Nowhere to Run (Vapor Trail)" (the Crystal Method with Ozzy

Osbourne, DMX, Ol' Dirty Bastard & Fuzzbubble); "The Rainbow" (Ween);

"It's A Rockin' World" (Joe Strummer and DJ Bonebrake); "Will They Die

4 You" (Mase, Puffy, Lil' Kim with System of a Down); "Mephesto and

Kevin" (Primus); "Brad Logan" (Rancid); "Bubblegoose" (Wyclef

Jean); "Love Gravy" (Ike Turner and Rick James); "Horny"

(Mousse T); "Huboon Stomp" (Devo); "South Park Theme"

(Primus); and several songs featuring the show's foul-mouthed animated

characters. Eric Cartman, for instance, sings a cover of the Styx classic "Come

Sail Away."