George Michael Wins Continuance

Puff Daddy, Morrissey, Thurston Moore, Tricky, Chuck D, Korn, David Bowie...

On Thursday, pop singer George Michael won an extension, until Dec.

21, to fulfill his sentence of 80 hours of community service, which

resulted from his May conviction for committing a lewd act in a Beverly

Hills park restroom, according to Ellen Aragon, deputy district attorney

for Beverly Hills Municipal Court. Appearing in court five days before his

client's deadline, attorney Ira Reiner asked Judge Charles Rubin for an

extension until February, claiming that Michael needed more time to perform

his court-ordered service. Rubin did not grant the full extension because,

he said, he felt Michael had had enough time to fulfill the service

requirement. He noted that the singer had made time to shoot a video (for

the song "Outside") referring to his arrest. Aragon offered to show a copy

of the video, which she had in the courtroom at the time, to the judge.

Rubin declined to view the video.