Fan Commits Suicide At Stevie Nicks Show

Stevie Nicks, Peter Green, Burt Bacharach, Barry Manilow, Fatboy Slim, Son Volt...

As the crowd was exiting a concert by veteran rocker Stevie Nicks

on Sunday night at the outdoor Concord Pavilion near San Francisco, a man scaled a telephone pole near the entrance to the venue and hanged

himself with car jumper cables,

according to Emily Hopkins, community relations manager for the venue, and the

Associated Press. The victim, 38-year-old Roger Henrich of Lodi, Calif., was

apparently distraught over family matters, Hopkins said. Henrich had made contact with

his estranged wife at the concert, she added. The woman, who had a restraining order

against Henrich, reported his presence to local police. "He wrapped one end around his

neck and another end around the top of the pole," Sgt. Mike Gamble of the local police

was quoted as saying. "He was threatening to jump, and security officers were trying to

dissuade him from jumping. And at one point, he either jumped or slipped and hanged

himself." Hopkins said the suicide was completely unrelated to Nicks or the concert and

that, absent any new information, the investigation is closed. The Concord Pavilion, 25

miles east of San Francisco, is owned by the city of Concord. This is the second major

security incident on Nicks' current "Enchanted" tour, which ends Aug. 14 with her

performance at "A Day In The Garden" in Bethel, N.Y. On July 21, a Colorado fan who

was reportedly obsessed with meeting Nicks -- and against whom Nicks' lawyers had

obtained a restraining order -- was denied admittance by security at the 50-year-old

Fleetwood Mac singer's Englewood, Colo., show. The man claimed that Nicks

is a witch and that she could cure him of his homosexuality and mental problems.