Would Nelson Repeat His Selfless Total Madness Move On Double Agents?

The 'Challenge' competitor sacrificed himself for his best friend on Season 35

Nelson made arguably the most selfless move in Challenge history when he volunteered to go into an elimination near the end of Total Madness to secure safety for his best friend Cory (both men already had Red Skulls and were eligible for the final). Nelson, sadly, was defeated but felt no remorse for his actions -- and Cory went on to finish third.

So does the Are You the One? alum think his pal should return the favor on Double Agents?

"I don't think Cory owes me one from last season. I didn't do that to come into this season to have a debt paid," Nelson revealed to MTV News (right before the game officially began). "That was out of pure heart and love."

And would Nelson, who came close to winning on Invasion of the Champions, sacrifice himself again?

"Yes, I would throw myself onto that sword," he said definitively.

Cory's take, if the roles were reversed from Season 35?

"He put himself in for me," Cory stated. "So I'm thinking I have to repay him any way that I can. So if the chance happens this season, I gotta repay him."

Do you think Total Madness history will repeat itself on Double Agents? Or will Cory step up for Nelson? Do not miss The Challenge premiering on Wednesday at 8/7c!