Daddy Issues: Why Teen Mom 2's Briana Doesn't Want History To Repeat Itself For Her Daughters

'I still suffer'

Briana expressed that it makes her "sad" that her daughters Nova and Stella don't know their dads (Devoin and Luis, respectively) the way they should. And during tonight's Teen Mom 2 episode, the mother of two tried to strengthen her little girls' bonds with their fathers. First, Briana wanted her eldest to spend the night at Devoin's -- but Nova was not comfortable with this idea.

"You don't have to go," Briana told Nova at the dinner table (Stella, Bri's sister Brittany and Bri's mom Roxanne were also present). "She's used to us girls being here and not boys."

Briana then asked Nova if she "liked spending time" with Devoin, prompting Stella to make a sad declaration.

"I don't like my daddy," the three-year-old softly said, with Briana immediately responding with, "You have to like your daddy."

"I like Devoin," Stella stated, and Nova added that he "plays with both of us."

In private, Briana reflected on her situation -- and how she "did this to herself."

"I picked these men to be fathers, and these are my kids. Now, I have just have to continue doing what I'm doing because I don't have any other option," she said.

Briana didn't grow up with her father, and this is her main motivation to make sure her mini-mes have a childhood involving both parents.

"It just sucks, because I see little Briana in both of my kids," she concluded. "Young me definitely suffered, and I'm 26 now and I still suffer."

So will history repeat itself for the next generation of DeJesus girls? Or will Devoin and Luis really be a part of their daughter's lives like Briana desires? Be sure to keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Tuesday at 8/7c.